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Analytical Tools


Creating customer driven change in any company requires buy-in from top management. One of the features of InfoQuest that has proven to be very popular in terms of revealing current executive understanding of customer needs is our optional Management survey.

Your top managers are sent the same survey that your customers receive. The difference is, instead of being asked to record their own opinions on customer satisfaction, they are asked to predict, using response ranges, how they think your customers are going to respond.

This exercise produces several points of ancillary benefit:

  • Company owners can see the accuracy of internal perceptions of customer satisfaction.
  • The same managers who will be involved in providing corrective actions are brought into the process early.
  • After reviewing how many predictions are incorrect (normally more than 70%), the need for change is more clearly established in everyone's mind.
  • It can be an excellent "wake-up" call for company managers.



It should be no secret to anyone that "Totally Satisfied" customers will spend more money with your company than "Dissatisfied" customers. The real question has always been - how much more?

Several years ago, in an attempt to answer that question, a number of our clients agreed to assist us in attempting to prove that a correlation between customer satisfaction and revenues not only exists, but that it is both measurable and predictable.

Utilizing customer satisfaction data from over 20,000 surveys conducted around the world over a several year period, and aided by clients who provided account revenue histories over corresponding periods of time, we were able to establish a statistical model that shows the precise relationship between customer satisfaction and revenue.

The result was the development of the Revenue Index, which today is a standard feature of all our programs. With this tool, we not only show you the precise relationship between your current levels of customer satisfaction and maximization of revenue potential, but we can use the same model to illustrate the revenue impact over time of improved customer satisfaction.



A key feature of InfoQuest is the availability of a library of standardized question sets for.

While all of the contents of the library may be changed (or custom questions created), to the extent that the standardized questions are used, we have been collecting responses and building an international database for years. Consequently, for each performance category selected from the library, we will show you not only what your customers think, but how your scores compare to those generated by hundreds of other companies.