Are you looking to try out new products or services before they’re released? Do you want to help your friends, family, and followers to make better buying decisions as a result of your experience and feedback? If you’re a social reviewer who loves product testing and wants to review (and keep!) products and services from major companies all around the world, read on, as this BzzAgent Review may show if this would be the site for you.

About BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a media network that works with major brands like Nestle, Purina, Gillette, Hershey’s, and others to help them improve their marketing. This happens with the help of “BzzAgents” who test products from these companies and provide feedback, sharing their experiences with others on social media as a form of advertising.

BzzAgent logoBzzAgent is an international company that supports the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, and Germany for any user 16 or older. Having been in business for more than 15 years, they have gathered over 1 million members from around the world who help to influence some of the biggest brands in the world through product testing.

Their enduring success, wide range of high-profile clients, and rave reviews online lead us to believe that BzzAgent is totally legitimate, so read on with confidence.

Who’s It For?

BzzAgent is much different from other online feedback panels, with an emphasis on social sharing rather than providing direct feedback to companies. This means that the kind of member who will do best on BzzAgent will have both insightful, comprehensive, and quality reviews as well as the potential to reach a significant number of people. This is because the value of your feedback is determined by how effective it can be as a marketing tool, and if you’re advertising in a near-empty room, there’s not many potential customers.

Getting Started

As part of the social sharing aspect of the site, registration is a bit unconventional. Rather than being presented with a form to create your account, you’re instead asked to sign into your Facebook account as a means of evaluating your potential reach. Once you do, you’ll be brought to the main registration form where you’ll provide your basic contact information before being asked to connect additional accounts (optional) as mediums for you to create and share content on. You can connect Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or your blog page for a wider reach.

After setting up your basic account and connecting your social media profiles, they will begin to ask questions to help them determine what niche or demographic you fall into. As they want to target only the ideal candidates for each activity, you’ll have to tell them what you usually post about to make sure the offer is relevant. After all, fitness bloggers may not be the best at selling power tools!

BzzAgent Graphic

How It Works

To begin, you won’t be completing surveys and questionnaires like you may on a survey site. Instead you’ll be almost exclusively product testing a variety of different products and services from multiple brands and companies. These opportunities come in the form of “activities” that are sent to your email by BzzAgent when you are eligible for one. These emails will provide information about what you’ll be testing, how to claim it, and a link to claim.

You’ll also be told what you need to do in order to fulfill the activity, which can include creating a video review, posting pictures, writing a social media post, and other forms of providing feedback. Then once you’ve received the product and fulfilled the requirements, your feedback and outreach will be evaluated, providing a BzzScore rating.

Your BzzScore is an indicator of how valuable you are as an influencer. Those with high-quality reviews, large followings, or a combination of both are likely to receive a higher score, meaning more opportunities to participate in activities to earn free stuff. You’ll also receive bonuses at different milestones in your BzzAgent career (reaching a number of reviews, a specific number of interactions, etc.) to encourage you to keep building your score.

BzzAgent vs. Other Sites

As you can likely tell by now, BzzAgent is a VERY different form of feedback site. It doesn’t rely on questionnaires, provides no point rewards for completing tasks, and doesn’t allow for cashing out.

Instead, it exclusively provides opportunities for you to test a product or service (product testing elsewhere), with the rewards being that you’ll get to keep whatever you review for free and the benefit of building your BzzScore for more opportunities in the future. This means that you don’t have to worry about waiting to receive your balance, low-paying rewards for your time, or jumping through any of the hoops that you’ll find on many survey sites.

However, at the same time it also values outreach more than other sites, with your followers being a big factor in how successful you can be. When it comes to your average person using the internet, it’s not so easy to reach a ton of people through social media (unless you’re willing to spam their timelines). It can be frustrating for those who take pride in their feedback to be put on the back burner just because they have fewer followers than another member.


Free stuff through product testing

Who doesn’t like free stuff? The best part about product testing is that in many cases, it is easier for the company to let you keep the item rather than requesting it back. This means that whatever you test for brands on BzzAgent, you’ll get to keep for your reward.

bzzagent prop in hand

No worrying about payments or cash outs

Because your rewards are the products or services you’re reviewing, there’s no worrying about receiving your payment or reward after you complete the activity. You’ll already have whatever you’re testing and reviewing.


Requires a following to be effective

One of the main benefits of earning money online is that just about anyone can do it. However, the social nature of BzzAgent makes it less than ideal for those who aren’t big social media players. It will be much harder to earn a score if you can’t prove that your reach as an advertiser is expansive.


As a concept, BzzAgent is a great idea. For anyone who can truly take advantage of the social mechanics of the site, you can earn exceptionally better pay than at many other survey and get-paid-to sites. However, if you lack social media prowess you’ll likely fall behind regardless of how well you fulfill your activities.

While it can’t hurt to throw your name in the hat of potential testers, BzzAgent isn’t going to be a home run for everyone.