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Online survey panels are pretty popular these days. Clear Voice Surveys is yet another paid survey site that offers you to share your opinion and make some money in return. But, before I take a closer look at them, I will address some of the common questions about paid survey sites business. Many of these sites promise quick and easy money. So, is it possible to make money online without a serious effort? It depends on the amount of money that you find satisfying. To make it simple, if you want to earn any kind of decent wage you need to have skills and work reasonably hard. But, if you are looking for a side hustle, there are many ways to get it with a minimum effort. And survey panels are probably the easiest way to do it. You might even find it entertaining.

In theory, it sounds great: you can enjoy taking surveys and you will earn some money for it. However, in reality, some sites will do everything to avoid paying you, while others will frustrate you with ridiculously low rewards and disqualifications half-way through. Not to mention the outright scams. Therefore, you need to choose carefully which site or sites to join. Some of them are reliable and trustworthy. So, today I will examine Clear Voice Surveys to see where does it fit.

Clear Voice Surveys Short Introduction

Clear Voice Surveys is an online survey panel established in 2006. It is owned by Clear Voice Research, a market research company based in Denver, Colorado. Like most of other market research companies, they provide consumer data for companies to help them improve products and services. Of course, they are well paid by companies for providing valuable information. They collect information through their online panel. And online panel gathers data through surveys.

They offer money incentives to users like you and me to make sure that they will have a large number of consumers eager to fill in their surveys. Basically, if everything goes as promised, it is a winning situation for everyone. Users can earn some money, research panels get paid for their services and companies get useful information.

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How It Works

After creating an account you need to fill in several profiling surveys. You won’t get any money for these. The idea is to create your profile and match you better with surveys. It takes more than half an hour to complete these surveys, and you will have to answer a lot of questions about your employment, shopping habits, car, phone, and so on. However, it is a one-time thing, and if it will provide more surveys it is fine by me.

Once you complete all these forms you can start taking surveys. Clear Voice Surveys promises amusing and easy to understand surveys. On average, they take between 10 and 25 minutes. You can earn up to $20 per survey, or at least that’s what they say. However, the vast majority of surveys will pay you between $0.30 and $1. You may be disqualified at any point while completing the survey. This is very frustrating, but you will get a $0.10 just for trying. 

There is another option to try your luck on Clear Voice Surveys – sweepstakes. You can choose not to get paid for the survey that you have completed and enter the sweepstakes instead. There are many sweepstakes opportunities with prizes up to $1000. 

When you accrue $10 you can cash out. You can do this via prepaid debit or credit cards, Amazon gift cards, or restaurant vouchers. The site prides themselves with fast payments. Gift cards are processed immediately, while prepaid credit cards can take a week or two. This pretty much covers the whole process.

What I like About Clear Voice Surveys

  • You get paid even if you don’t qualify. $0.10 is not much, but it adds up. Most sites won’t pay you anything unless you complete the survey.
  • Low redemption threshold. Some sites don’t have a threshold at all, but many have a high threshold. $10 is reasonably low.
  • Support phone line. Well, this is pretty unique. While I didn’t try it, if it works it is great to have direct contact with the customer support.

What I Don’t Like About This Survey Panel

  • Rare opportunities. This is a major downer. With very few opportunities, it can take forever to accumulate money to cash out.
  • Hard to qualify. Many members complained about high disqualifying rates and late disqualifications. While there are many unbiased reasons that can lead to this, it shouldn’t happen very often.
  • Long reward pending time. Usually, it takes 2 to 8 weeks after completion to credit your balance. However, sometimes it takes several months, which makes it hard to keep track of your earnings and current balance.
  • Rewards expire after a year. If you don’t accumulate $10 to cash out, you will lose your money after a year. I find this very unfair considering a limited number of available surveys. 
  • Low user ratings. I put this at the end while it is probably the most important issue. The number of unsatisfied users is pretty high. I came across several users who had been members for years and all of them had the same story: fewer opportunities, and more frequent disqualifications as the time goes by.

Conclusion About Clear Voice Surveys

At the moment, it seems like things are going south on Clear Voice Surveys. While this site has a long history of growth and success, I would recommend thinking twice before joining them. There are just too many possible obstacles to earn some money. First, you have a low frequency of surveys. Then, you can get disqualified. When you finally qualify you may wait forever to see the money added to your balance. And if you don’t cash out within a year, you lose your money. Make your own conclusion, but to me, it doesn’t look like fun and rewarding activity.

However, if you still think about joining the Clear Voice Surveys site, you should know that it is legit. It is not a scam and who knows, maybe they will sort out these issues, or you just might get lucky.