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Do you like taking surveys? Market research companies like people who like taking surveys. Well, they actually need people who take surveys. Collecting opinions from the outside allows companies to see what consumers like and dislike. It also helps them to figure out market trends. Finally, they can improve their products and services accordingly. That’s why they are ready to pay to hear your or my opinion. Consumer Village is an online survey panel that connects companies and consumers. From my or your point of view, it is a site that offers rewards to us for voicing our opinions

Today, I will evaluate this Village to see if it’s really a good place for Consumers (pun intended). If you are familiar with survey sites, you know that it is a jungle out there. While there are many honest and reliable sites that will respect your time and opinions, you can come across all kinds of scams and dubious offers. So, before we dig deeper, first we have to determine if the site is legit.

Consumer Village – Basic Facts

Consumer Village is a paid survey site operated by Gongos Research, market research company based in Michigan, US. Gongos Research is a reputable company that provides versatile services to brands in order to help them improve. They call themselves ‘a decision intelligence company’. Consumer Village was founded in 2007. It has a high percentage of positive reviews. So, this is more than enough to say that it is legit. No scam site can run for 12 years and get good ratings along the way. So, you can rest assured that Consumer Village is not a scam.

Of course, being legit doesn’t mean it is good enough for you. So, let’s break it down and find out all we need to know before making a decision whether to join them or not.

How It Works

Registration is the first step. Only 18+ US citizens are eligible. After entering your name, password, and email address, you will get your first survey. However, this first survey is for profiling only. It is more or less optional but you will want to fill it in. Consumer Village has a reputation for low disqualification rates, and that’s because they match members and surveys carefully. And they can’t do that unless you provide detailed answers in your profiling survey.

There are two basic ways of earning money on Consumer Village – surveys and focus groups. You will receive invitations via email. Before starting a survey you will have to answer a couple of prequalifying questions. However, you will qualify quite often, and you will never be disqualified half-way through or at the very end of the survey. This is good news because late disqualifications and high disqualification rates are the pits of online surveys in general.

Furthermore, they pay quite well as most of the surveys will pay you between 100 and 200 tokens or $1 to $2. Even if you don’t qualify, which is rare, you will get 20 consolation tokens. Also, surveys are usually very interesting, easy to understand, never too long and there is an application that you can download to your smartphone or your tablet and take surveys on the go.

Focus group discussions are another nice way to earn a couple of bucks. It happens only occasionally, but you can earn between $15 and $150 for participating. It is a wide range, but most of them will pay around $75. Consumer Village also runs sweepstakes every month and awards 30 members with $10. 

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Earnings and Payment Options

When it comes to earning, Consumer Village surveys actually don’t pay money but tokens. 1000 tokens equal $10. While surveys pay pretty well, you can’t really earn that much because invitations are quite rare. Usually, you will get 4 to 5 invitations a month. The threshold is 500 tokens or $5. You can redeem your tokens for Amazon gift cards

 As for focus groups, you will be paid by checks. Rewards are calculated at the end of the month. If you have accumulated enough tokens or money, the site will send you a check by the 15th of the next month. Amazon gift cards are available as soon as you cash out.

Advantages of Consumer Village

  • Interesting surveys and focus group discussions. Surveys can get repetitive and boring. Not on this site, though. Both surveys and focus groups are highly praised for being engaging and interesting.
  • Low disqualifying rates. Consumer Village puts a decent effort to match you with suitable surveys, so you will qualify most of the time. Even if you don’t, you will know it right away after a few questions. And you’ll get a couple of consolation tokens.
  • You can keep track of your earnings. Bank feature allows you to see exactly when and where did you earn your tokens or money. It also shows if they owe you something and when you will receive it. This is pretty rare and cool.
  • High pay rate. Earning a $1 or more per 5-15 minutes survey is a decent reward for your time. 

Disadvantages of This Panel

  • Hard to get in. The site is not open to new members any more unless you get invited. I couldn’t figure out how to get an invitation. A limited number of members probably allows them to keep up high standards. Still, it is worth nothing for you if you can’t get in.
  • Infrequent surveys. Fun and well-paying surveys come at a price – not enough surveys. 4 or 5 surveys a month won’t bring you a substantial amount of money.


Consumer Village is a legitimate survey site. Actually, it is a reliable and trustworthy site with many perks. Unfortunately, because of some shortcomings, I can’t call them a great opportunity. First of all, it is not an opportunity at all because you can’t join the site without an invitation. It is not the only problem though. Surveys are rare, so even if you succeed to join you won’t be able to make a lot of money.

On the bright side, interesting, well-paying surveys, good customer support, and rare disqualifications are appealing. Reliability and clarity are qualities that don’t accompany survey sites too often.  So, at the end of the day, I would recommend this site if you can find a way to join. While you won’t make a lot of money, you won’t waste your time doing just a couple of tasks a month. However, each opportunity that you get will be valuable and even fun. So, I would recommend looking for sites with more opportunities, but it won’t hurt to earn a few bucks on this site as well.