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Are you looking for a side hustle? If you are, paid survey sites are probably near the top of your list of ideas. And it is only natural. Giving your opinion is all it takes. Or at least, that’s the way it should be. So, who would miss an opportunity to earn a few easy bucks for an activity that doesn’t require hard work or skill? It can even be entertaining. However, things are not always what they seem. In a vast ocean of offers, it is hard to know which of them are genuinely good. This is where we come in. We are here to provide all the necessary info to help you choose wisely. Today, we will take a closer look at a paid survey site called Directive Analytics.

How to Choose

What is it that separates good survey sites from those that would only waste your time? There is no straight answer to this question because it depends a lot on your ambitions and expectations. However, there are a couple of general requirements. First of all, there is a question of legitimacy, because there are many scams out there. If the site is legit, it has to be reliable. If you don’t know whether you will be paid or not, it is not worth it. How much does it pay? Even if the site is reliable you don’t want to take surveys for hours only to make a buck or two. In my opinion, these are the most important aspects of survey sites. 

There are many more details that can be important, like frequency of surveys, additional opportunities, payment methods, the quality of your experience, and many more. But, it depends more or less on your preferences. And all other potential qualities can’t make it up for a potential lack of the first two crucial features. So, let’s see if Directive Analytics is a reliable and great opportunity.

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What Is Directive Analytics

Directive Analytics Panel is an online survey panel. Its parent company Directive Analytics is a market research company based in Trumbull, CT. So, it is a real company, which means it is legit. On the surface, it is pretty much the same as any other survey site. Directive Analytics gathers important data for companies and businesses. They do so by offering consumers to voice their opinion through surveys. In return, the site will pay some money to each participant. You just need to register to join the party and earn some (easy) money. But, at this point, each and every survey site looks promising. It is easy to promise, but do they deliver? Let’s dig deeper to find out more about Directive Analytics.

How Directive Analytics Works

If you want to join this site, the first step is registration. It is a short and straightforward procedure. You need to enter your basic info such as your name and email address. After confirmation via email, you will be in. At this point, you will be asked to fill in a short personal survey. It doesn’t pay, it is used by the site to create your profile and match you with fitting surveys. Now you are ready to start. Almost. I forgot to mention that the site is available more or less for US citizens only. Actually, it is available internationally, but opportunities are very scarce for people outside the US. In their FAQ section, I found a statement that they intend to provide more opportunities for international members in the future. 

You will receive survey invitations via email on Directive Analytics. When you complete the survey you will receive points. The number of points depends on the length and type of survey. Anyway, the point system is simple, 100 points equal $1. From what I could see, they pay quite well. Most of the surveys pay between 100 and 200 points. You can come across all kinds of topics, but most of them are interesting. 

So far it looks very promising. The only downside so far is the fact that you don’t get too many invitations. Of course, it is not the same for all members because it depends on demographics. Still, members get about one invitation a week on average, which is not a lot. You can up your chances by updating your Directive Analytics profile regularly as some new questions are added every once in a while.

Other Opportunities and Payment Method

Other opportunities include focus groups and a 2-week diary. These tasks are paid much more than surveys. It depends on many things, but you can earn between $25 and $200 for these special offers. Unfortunately, these opportunities are very rare, and you can’t count on it for sure.

As for payment, you need to accrue 500 points to redeem your points. When you want to cash out you need to send an email request and the site will send a check to your home address. It can take a couple of weeks, but it is the only way to get your money.

Pros of Directive Analytics

  • They pay well. Chances are that you will earn more than a $1 per survey, which is pretty good for survey sites. It depends a little bit on your demographics, but they pay well on average.
  • Nice surveys. Surveys are easy to understand and easy to complete. 
  • Extra offers. Diary surveys and online focus groups are a great way to earn some money. You just need a little bit of luck to get an invitation.

Cons of Directive Analytics

  • Limited opportunities. If they only offered more surveys it would be a great survey site. This way, it is nice, but you can’t earn a decent amount of money.
  • Payment via checks only. This is almost an ancient method of payment. They should really provide some faster options like PayPal. 

Conclusion About Directive Analytics

Directive Analytics Panel is legit and reliable survey site. Moreover, they pay pretty well. Most of their members have a good experience with the site. It seems like I should highly recommend it. But, I can’t. While I can’t deny that I like the way things work on this site, there is a small problem. People join survey sites to earn some money. However, opportunities to earn are few and far between.

That’s why they can’t make it to my top choice list. But, if you are already a member of several panels that offer more opportunities, joining Directive Analytics might be a good idea. Multiple sites membership erases the lack of opportunities on Directive Analytics. So, overall it is a good site, but the final decision is up to you.