As a consumer, your feedback is invaluable to businesses. Your decision of whether or not you’d want to buy something can speak volumes for the market as a whole, and the privilege of learning your thoughts on a product or service before it goes live is worth some money to companies. It’s even much more than “a penny for your thoughts” or “just your 2 cents.”

Survey panels are the best way to earn rewards for your feedback. By answering surveys, you can earn up to a few dollars per survey just by providing your thoughts and opinions on various products and services from different brands. You get paid, and also get to help influence multimillion-dollar marketing efforts with your responses.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, let me introduce you to Global Test Market.

About Global Test Market

Global Test Market is an international survey site that is owned by Lightspeed Research, a long-standing market leader in marketing research. Founded in 1999, the panel has had years to accumulate an incredibly diverse panel of survey takers, spanning 60 countries and totaling more than 5 million people aged 14 and up. Their surveys are primarily based around targeting consumers, with an emphasis on entertainment (movies, media, etc.), though they do include a wide array of topics despite their preference.

Global Test Market LogoWith an extensive history, large userbase, and backing from a major market research company, we can confirm that Global Test Market is legit.

How Does Global Test Market Work?

When it comes to survey sites, Global Test Market is pretty standard in terms of using the site, completing surveys, and claiming rewards. They won’t change the online survey game, but they’re definitely in contention.


Registration for Global Test Market is 100% free and can easily be completed on their website. To begin, you’ll need to create an account with your personal information as well as a login to access your account. This way they will know where to send money when you claim it, and you can track surveys and rewards as they come through from your dashboard.

After you provide basic information, you’ll be asked further questions about your household, income, education, or other specific information about yourself. This is used to screen you for potential survey opportunities that may fit the niche or demographic you fit in. Companies are often looking for a specific type of consumer (parents, college students, people who rent, etc.), so the more information you provide, the more likely you are to get offers.

man doing an online survey


With Global Test Market, you’ll primarily just answer basic surveys on a variety of topics. These responses can be multiple choice or longform (or a mix of both) and can be about just about any topic (though you can expect more entertainment-related topics than others). Some may ask you to provide feedback on a movie trailer while others will ask you to watch a new commercial of theirs. Just about every survey opportunity will be different, keeping it interesting even as you start racking up the completed surveys and rewards.

To complete a survey, simply select it from the list of offers available to you on your account dashboard or through invites in your email, answer the questions, and earn your rewards! You can also complete the surveys on your mobile phone, allowing you to take them with you anywhere you go. Turn that boring bus ride into a few bucks to pay for your morning coffee!


As payment for completing surveys, Global Test Market gives you LifePoints rather than a monetary balance. These LifePoints are each worth a little over $.04, with 23 LifePoints being worth $1 (a bit too complicated of an exchange rate). With an expected 35-250 points per survey completed, your rewards can be anywhere between $1.50 and $11, with some exclusive opportunities providing even higher pay.

When it comes to cashing out, you’ve got options with Global Test Market. Once you reach 1100 points ($50), you can cash out in any of the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Amazon gift card
  • Retail gift card
  • Charitable donations
  • Sweepstakes entries for bigger prizes

Once you’ve chosen your reward, you’ll have to wait 4-8 weeks to receive it (depending on your location) but worry not – you’ll definitely receive it!

What We Like About Global Test Market

Mobile support

One of the most important aspects of a survey site after the pay per survey is the convenience of taking them. If you have to be on a laptop or desktop to take a survey, you’re missing out on a ton of downtime that you could spend earning extra money. With mobile surveys you can take the opportunities with you places a PC or laptop couldn’t go.

Variety of cash out options

The option to cash out to a cash equivalent like PayPal or a check lets you spend your earnings how you want – no being forced into gift cards you’ll never use.

International support

A survey panel site is only useful to you if you’re eligible to use it, and with support for more than 60 countries, Global Test Market lives up to its “global” title.

What We Don’t Like About Global Test Market

High cash out minimum and wait

At $1.50-$10 per survey, there’s a bit of time before you’ll be able to actually withdraw your money. Once you do, waiting an extra 4-8 weeks is certainly not ideal!

Highly competitive opportunities

Panelists on Global Test Market have complained about it being hard to get into surveys they receive in their email. This is likely due to the sheer number of survey takers on the panel, making generalized demographics extra competitive. Be sure to answer an invite right away.


Overall, Global Test Market doesn’t do anything special, but it does all the important things well. With a rock-solid reputation, support for 60+ countries, a variety of cash out options, and mobile surveys, you likely won’t go wrong signing up with them.

We’d recommend that you sign up and add Global Survey Market to your panels – it can’t hurt!