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Making money online is ‘in’, these days. Yes, the Internet has opened the door, and there are countless opportunities to profit. However, with so many offers popping up everywhere, it seems highly unlikely that all of them are genuine. InboxPays is a GPT site, one of many that offer easy money. GPT stands for get paid to. These sites are similar to survey sites. The major difference is that they offer more different tasks to complete and get the reward in return.

Generally speaking, Survey and GPT sites are a good opportunity to make some extra cash with very little effort. But, wherever there’s a profit, there are people who will try to exploit the situation and scam other people for money. So, it all comes down to choosing wisely.

Some of the GPT sites are the best in the business. They offer numerous opportunities to earn a few extra bucks. However, some of them are a total waste of time. With many different activities, it can take time to find out that the site is just trying to take advantage of you. When you figure it out, you have invested too much time already, and that can be frustrating.

So, take your time before you make a decision to join the site. We are trying to make this process easier for you by analyzing thoroughly the way these sites work. In this article, we will show you all you need to know about InboxPays, to help you make an educated decision.

What Is InboxPays

InboxPays is a GPT site that offers you various activities to earn some extra cash. These activities include free offers, trial offers, spinning the wheel, reading emails and taking surveys. For surveys, you are redirected to other sites actually, but you can take them anyway. The site is owned by A&A Marketing Inc. which is a marketing group based outside Chicago, Illinois. The company owns and operates two other survey sites, Panda Research, and MindsPay. Since A&A Marketing is a real company owning 3 survey sites, it is most likely that they are legit. Or, that they don’t do anything illegal. However, there are some red flags right from the start.

All A&A Marketing survey sites have pretty dire user reviews. Panda Research is especially notorious for not paying the users, while many of them called the site a ‘legitimate scam’. Furthermore, A&A Marketing is not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It has an old rating of F, on a scale from F to A+ from BBB. Of course, this reputation alone doesn’t mean that InboxPays is not a good and reliable site, but it warns us to be cautious. So, let’s dig deeper.

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How InboxPays Works

The site is available in the US only. Everyone 18+ years old is eligible. Joining the site is free, you will even get a $5 sign up bonus. There is a long list of questions to answer, though. Once you sign up you can start earning money.

  • Surveys – You will get between $0.5 and $1 per survey that you complete. This is around the average pay rate for similar sites.
  • Offers – Offers are actually promotions of their advertising partners. Basically, you will receive promotional services or products. Your assignment will be to assess them for a period of time and you will be rewarded for your time. Just make sure to cancel the offer as soon as the trial period is over. Otherwise, you may pay for the service or product more than you earned.
  • Spinning the wheel – As a regular user, you will receive tickets for spinning the wheel. This is a lucky try. Most of the rewards are not significant, but they can add up.
  • Reading emails – You will receive up to three emails a day. A simple click will earn you $0.25 per email.

How to Claim Rewards

So far, it seems that there are many different opportunities to boost your balance. But, how to get it? This can be a tricky part. Firstly, the site has a high threshold of $50 for redemption. Furthermore, you need to collect at least $25 from offers and not more than $25 from reading emails. So if you earn, for example, $40 from emails and $20 from other activities you still can’t claim your money. If you meet the requirements you will receive your money via PayPal. You can withdraw exactly $50 each time. If you earned more it will count for possible further payments.

The referral program is another way to earn money. Referring a friend will make you 10% of their earnings on the site. However, you can start earning only after your referrals get their first payment.

In theory, everything seems decent. It is not the best paying site, and there are a couple of obstacles, but there are many opportunities as well. So, let’s see how it really works. Or, what do users say?

Issues with InboxPays

Here comes the major problem. It is incredibly hard to find any happy users of this site. If you really try there are some, but they are vastly outnumbered by users with negative experiences. While it is normal for survey and GPT sites to have some negative critics, this site has too many of them.

The most often complaint is a difficulty to get the money. Many people can’t get any credits as soon as they reach close to the $50 threshold. Customer service seems to be non-existent. Reports and complaints stay unanswered, or members get a message that they are entering a wrong password or something else. It is disturbing not to know if you’ll ever be paid. But, obviously, most of the users end up empty-handed. Who gets paid and how, the answer stays beyond my reach.

Another serious issue on Inbox Pays is privacy. You will receive a zillion of emails from their partner companies. While the contract guarantees they will not share your personal info with third parties, it doesn’t include their partners as long as they keep your info confidential.


It is hard to make a rock-solid conclusion about this site. It appears to be legit and it has a real parent company behind it. I can’t call this site a scam, because I don’t have proof. But, it is as close to it as it gets. Only a handful of positive reviews, that can’t be verified and a vast number of users who feel cheated doesn’t look promising. Whatever the truth, this site has major problems. Or, at least their users do.

So, my final recommendation is to stay away from it. With many proven and reliable sites out there I can’t find a reason to take your chances with InboxPays. Things can change and in the future, they may prove my opinion wrong, but for the moment this is an unreliable site.