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If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the paid survey sites industry. But, if you’re not, I will tell you why it is so popular and why you might give it a try. It is pretty simple, actually. Survey sites are probably the easiest way to earn some extra money. Legit and reliable survey sites will pay you to share your opinion, it is as simple as that. There’s only one problem: how to choose those reliable ones. It’s a jungle out there and there are all kinds of survey sites that will waste your time or even try to rip you off. However, that’s where we come in. Our in-depth reviews are meant to help you separate the wheat from the chuff.

 Today, we are going to check out Measure MSR App to see where it fits. Is it a good opportunity or a waste of time?

Company Overview – Is It Legit

Measure Protocol is the company behind this app. It is a relatively new market research company founded in 2018. They focus on person-based data and have very high standards when it comes to privacy and transparency. But, you probably don’t care too much about their policies and visions. I have mentioned it because privacy is often an issue with survey sites. Measure Protocol is a legit company that values your privacy, so using their app is safe and easy.

Besides being responsible, Measure Protocol is trying to keep up with ever-changing world and set up new standards. Nowadays, we use our smartphones for almost everything. Shopping, setting appointments, travel bookings, checking out news and info, navigating, or anything you can think of. When I want to know what’s the weather like, I don’t look through the window, I ask my phone. And I am not the only one. At Measure Protocol, they are well aware of the ways of today, so they gather data exclusively through a mobile app. This is very convenient, although I would prefer having the option of using my PC as well.  

Anyway, it is pretty safe to say that Measure Protocol is a legit, modern, and innovative market research company.

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How It Works

If you want to join this panel you will have to download the Measure MSR App. While I like the idea of a mobile-friendly panel, there are some limitations from the very beginning. The app is available on iOS only. And you can download it from the App Store only. I have heard some rumors that the Android version is coming up soon, but for the time being you need to have an iPhone to join the panel. Furthermore, you need to be a resident of the US, UK, or Canada. These are some serious limitations, but let’s move on and see what they offer.

Once you download the app and verify your account, you’ll be asked to fill in several profile surveys. You don’t have to do it, but it will improve your chances to get surveys that you’ll qualify for. As soon as you finish this section, you will receive your first 50 MSR points. Obviously, there’s a point system, but it’s simple – 100 points equals $1. So, you got your first $0.5 for signing up.  

Now you can start earning money. Surveys usually take 5 to 15 minutes. You’ll have to qualify first, but even if you don’t qualify you will receive some points just for trying. There are also other tasks apart from surveys. These activities include taking photos, videos, collecting data, and more. After each data job, you can rate it, which is pretty cool. They will use your ratings to match you with tasks that you prefer.


You will receive points for each survey or task that you take. As soon as you reach 1,000 MSR points or $10, you can redeem your points for gift cards or vouchers. I believe that most survey takers prefer cash, but it isn’t the option on this panel. Gift cards include Amazon, VISA, GAP, and Sephora, among other retailers. 


  • It is a modern mobile-friendly panel. It’s actually a mobile-only panel, which is somewhat limiting. But it looks good and it has a clean and nice user interface.
  • The panel offers versatile assignments. Surveys are the main activity, but you’ll get some more opportunities like taking photos, taking videos, submitting receipts, and various data jobs.
  • Low redemption threshold. There are sites with no threshold at all, but they are rare. Anyway, the $10 threshold is pretty low and reachable.
  • They value their members’ safety and privacy. Blockchain and cryptography technology provide high levels of security and privacy. While I don’t fully understand blockchain technology I understand that it improves privacy, security, and transparency quite a lot. So, thumbs up for using new technologies to provide a better and safer experience.
  • They offer consolation points. When you get disqualified you will still earn a couple of points. It’s not as if it will boost your account significantly, but it’s a nice gesture.


  • It is available on iOS only. So, only the owners of iPhones can join this panel at the moment. It is a major limitation, and hopefully, it will change soon.
  • Infrequent opportunities. Actually, this is the only thing that users complain about. Of course, this depends on your demographics, but it seems that there aren’t enough jobs for most members.
  • No cash. There’s a decent variety of gift cards, but nothing beats real money. So, the lack of cash option is another limitation of this panel.


Measure Protocol and its app bring some freshness and novelty into the industry. There are several very appealing aspects of their approach. I like the concept, the app works great and it’s comforting to know that privacy and safety are among the top priorities of the company. However, all these nice things can’t cover some basic shortcomings. This is not an exclusive panel, but the iPhone app actually makes it exclusive. Also, the lack of tasks makes it less appealing.

So, my final judgment is simple. I like this panel, but it is just not good enough, at least for the time being. The good sides are promising, as well as the lack of glitches or other problems. Everything goes nice and smooth, but not enough people can join and those who can, they don’t get enough opportunities. So, I believe that this panel can become a great one. But, it’s not there yet. 

As for joining this panel, well, it’s up to you, as usual. If you have an iPhone, you may give it a try. You can be sure that it will be a pleasant experience. This panel is safe and smooth. You won’t waste your time and there are no frustrating bugs or glitches. The only issue will be a number of opportunities. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky. And if you don’t get enough opportunities, you can just uninstall the app, no harm done.