online survey message on a ripped piece of paper

Some people enjoy taking surveys. Surveys can be entertaining as well as informative. 

“Which Superhero Are You?”

“Which Famous Writer Are You?”

“How Well Do You Know Famous Musicians?”

When someone offers you a reward to take surveys, it seems to be a great deal. You can have fun and earn some money or other rewards on top of it. Of course, you may find some surveys to be boring depending on your interests. Obviously, it’s not the same fun to complete ”Are You a Cat Person?” survey and political polls. But, if you’re generally into surveys, getting paid for it is a great way to earn some pocket money. Today, I will examine Mercury Opinion to find out if they’re worth your time.

With so many survey sites out there it is difficult to know which ones are reliable and trustworthy. If you make a wrong turn, your fun can turn out to be a nightmare. That’s why we are here – to help you out narrowing down your choice. Of course, even the reliable and honest sites are different, and not all of them will fit you perfectly. Ultimately, the choice is yours, we are just trying to help you look in the right direction and avoid sites that will only waste your time, or even worse, try to rob you.

So, enough chit-chat and let’s see what Mercury Opinion has to offer.

First Impressions

Usually, the first step in assessing a survey site is to establish legitimacy. Transparent info about company history, reputation, and address should be enough to verify that the site is legit. However, lending on Mercury Opinion’s homepage I couldn’t find too many details and specifics. The site’s homepage is almost empty with a welcome note and this sentence: “We are a non-partisan survey organization that conducts public research to understand key issues and trends in America.” There was nothing about company history, the address is a PO box, and all you can get is a phone number and email address. I did extensive online research to find some info about the company. However, I found none whatsoever.

Maybe they’re new in the market or I didn’t try hard enough, but I couldn’t find anything to verify their legitimacy. The site has a profile on SurveyPolice, but it’s scarce and there are no reviews. And they have a Facebook page with just over 100 followers. 

I couldn’t draw any conclusions if they are legit or not. I am not really encouraged by this lack of basic info, though.

Mercury Opinion homepage preview

How It Works

Unfortunately, it didn’t get any easier when I moved on to find out how it works. Usually, I sign up to test the site and get some first-hand experience. There is a “TAKE A SURVEY” tab on their homepage, but you can’t register. Apparently, this is an exclusive site open for invited people only. This is not very rare, but it limits my research. They randomly select participants from the list of registered voters. So, there’s nothing you can do to increase your chances to get the invitation. Even if you do get an invitation, I have no idea if it is a one-time deal or you become a member. There’s nothing like member’s area or login tab. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing on this site other than a couple of sentences about the invitations, rewards, and that ‘take a survey’ button.

One thing is for sure – they are not very talkative. I must say that I am not impressed with this lack of explanations. I can only assume that you can take a survey if you get an invitation. And what’s next? I have no idea and no way to figure it out.

Potential Rewards

It still doesn’t get any brighter. In an FAQ section, you can find this sentence: “You receive an email gift card from when you complete the second or later surveys.” What the heck does this mean? If you’re not a member how do they know if it’s your second or twentieth survey? And will you get paid after your second or “later” survey? It takes some talent to create only five or six sentences on your site and make them all more or less vague.

Anyway, if you complete “the second or later surveys” you should receive gift cards that can be used for purchases from Amazon, iTunes, or other popular retailers. If anything they are consistent with vagueness. Do you get an Amazon gift card or it’s some other gift card that Amazon accepts?

Pros and Cons of Mercury Opinion

This is the first time I can’t write down a single advantage of a survey site. And I am not saying that there aren’t any. I stand by my words, so I can’t recommend something without any confirmation. And that’s the case here. I could neither verify nor refute potentially good sides of the Mercury Opinion. However, there are negative hints all over the place. Here they are.

  • No available info about the company. Facebook page and PO box are not enough to determine if the site is legit. 
  • We don’t know how much they pay(and do they?). Actually, there’s no way to find any info about survey lengths, pay rates, frequency or anything specific.
  • You don’t know when you’ll get paid. Truth be told they say you’ll get a reward after “the second or later surveys”. In my opinion, it’s an obscure promise. I don’t really get it. If you do, good for you.
  • It’s all vague. I’ll repeat myself, but you don’t get to know anything for sure. There are many questions and no definite answers to them.


I like to let my readers make the judgment on their own. I do express my opinion in a way, but I focus on presenting the facts so that everyone can draw conclusions as they like. As for Mercury Opinion, there are no facts to be presented. No company info, no user reviews, no test-trial. So, the truth is that I don’t have enough facts to make a fair assessment. Maybe, they are just new in the business and sloppy due to lack of experience. If I receive any info that sheds more light on the way this site operates, I’d be glad to update and rewrite this review.

Until then, I wouldn’t recommend joining this site even if you get the invitation. It might turn out to be okay, but there’s no way you can tell. So, it’s a risky business. On the other hand, there is an abundance of reliable and proven sites out there. My opinion is that safety comes first, so I would always choose attested and proven panels. The final decision is yours as usual.