If you’re looking to start turning your spare time into some spending money, you’re not alone. Survey sites and other online offer sites have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to the overwhelming need for market insight. Companies pay millions of dollars to find out what consumers want, and market research plays a huge role in deciding how these companies spend their marketing dollars.

Looking to help shape products or services from major brands all over the world? Want to get your voice heard, and get paid while doing it? If so, consider the survey site Mintvine.

About Mintvine

Mintvine is a Better Business Bureau-accredited marketing research company that launched in 2012 as a way for consumers to share their feedback with companies. Through the use of surveys, these companies can gain insight into the market and receive recommendations for improving their product or service from the very consumers they’re trying to appeal to. Some of their more notable partners include J.D. Power, Nielsen, and Forrester.


Mintvine is a rather isolated panel, supporting a smaller market than many international panels you’ll find. To join Mintvine, you’ll have to live in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom and be 13 years or older.

The ideal Mintvine user is someone who enjoys helping to improve the buying experience for other consumers by providing feedback about products and services. While the surveys you will complete are paid, the rewards should simply be considered a bonus in addition to the impact that your voice can have because they are small compared to most regular wages.

Getting Started

At first glance, Mintvine’s website instantly presents itself as modern and professional. While many survey sites you will find look like they were built a decade ago, Mintvine has decided to invest in a responsive web design, making it mobile and tablet friendly in addition to your PC. They use an attractive color palette, provide the important information on the homepage, and make it easy to navigate and register.

Speaking of registering, the first step to getting started with Mintvine is to create an account. You can do this by joining with your Facebook account, or simply creating a new account with the “sign up” button on the homepage. You’ll be asked to create a login and to provide some contact information before reaching the profile survey.

This mandatory survey’s goal is to collect as much information from you as possible, allowing Mintvine to learn about you so that they can provide you relevant offers. You can expect to answer questions about your education level, household income, marital status, occupation, and more. This allows them to categorize you as a certain type of consumer so that when a company asks to target a specific demographic, your name is on the list.

Once you’ve completed your consumer information survey, you’ll have access to your dashboard where you can see offers, your point balance, and more.

business person doing an online survey

How It Works

Mintvine works by presenting you survey opportunities that you qualify for based on the information you previously provided. Simply find an offer that interests you, take the survey, and you’re all done. As you take the surveys, you’ll earn points that go towards both your balance and your level on the site. The more points you earn, the higher your level. The higher your level, the better the rewards you’ll receive just for being an active member.


Surveys come in a few different forms at Mintvine. While they offer your standard online questionnaires where you simply answer the questions you’re provided as multiple choice or longform responses, they also have some more interesting offers available. Unlike many exclusively online survey sites, Mintvine also looks to connect you with opportunities for surveys that are local to you.

One of these types of opportunities is focus groups. Focus groups are like surveys, except they take place in person and involve a group of people bouncing ideas and feedback off of each other rather than simply answering questions individually. This allows companies to get a better idea behind the thought process for some of the feedback they receive, helping them to refine the product or service to make it clearer.

They also have a section of their site called “Local Deals” where you can view upcoming events that are near you. These deals usually include a specific promotion or discount that lets you save money and earn points at the same time. Unlike surveys and focus groups, these will require a purchase. However, if you’re interested in the events anyway, why not get a discount and earn some extra points while you’re at it?


The cherry on top of the whole survey process is the pay you’ll receive for your time. Mintvine uses points to represent your balance with a ratio of 100 points to $1. With an average reward of about 50-250 points per survey, you can expect to make $0.50-$2.50 for 5-15 minutes of your time. Not too bad!

If you can’t get the money you earn, it doesn’t matter what they pay. Thankfully, Mintvine allows you to choose between quite a few cash-out options. You can elect to go with a cash equivalent like PayPal or choose a gift card from your favorite online retailer once you reach the 1,000 point ($10) cash-out minimum. These rewards usually take 3-5 days to process, which is solid when compared to some other sites out there.

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Mintvine vs. Other Sites

In the realm of survey sites, Mintvine does everything correctly (and then some). A user-friendly site and simple registration process make it easy for new members to sign up; their cash-out options give members the choice of how to spend their money; and they pay quickly. They also separate themselves through their local offerings, including focus groups and local deals that you can take advantage of for new experiences and exclusive rewards.


It’s hard to go wrong with Mintvine as a survey site. They offer everything that you’re looking for in a survey site: reputation, user-friendliness, and easy cash outs. The addition of local deals and focus groups puts them another step ahead, and the combination of all these factors makes them a solid first survey site or new addition to your collection.