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Why people join survey sites? If you’re a seasoned survey panelist you know already know the answer. But if you’re just starting out let me enlighten you: it is the easiest way to earn a couple of extra bucks. You don’t need skills or experience. You just need to voice your opinion and get a reward in return. It looks enticing, doesn’t it? Your opinion helps companies to make better choices and to improve products and services. You can even have fun if you like taking surveys and you’ll get paid for it! So, everybody wins, right? However, making money is never as easy as it may seem.

First of all, you won’t make a whole lot of money on survey sites. Even the best survey sites offer small incentives for your effort. Basically, it’s a small effort for a small amount of money. But, the real trick is to find reliable and honest survey sites. It’s a jungle out there, my friend. There are many sites that want to use the popularity of survey panels to earn money in dishonest ways. Some of them are only after your personal info. 

So, you need to be careful and choose wisely. If you join reliable and honest sites, you will earn some pocket money while having fun and wasting no time. But, if you make a wrong choice it can turn out to be a time-wasting and frustrating experience at best.

Our unbiased reviews are meant to help you narrow down your choice and avoid fishy sites. Today, I will take a closer look at MyCLEARopinion to find out which group does it belong to. 

Is It Legit

Being legit doesn’t mean a lot in the survey sites industry. There are many legitimate sites that will drive you crazy only to get a minuscule or no reward. But, it’s the first qualifying round for survey sites, sort of. Many of them are illegitimate and outright scams. So, before we move on to analyze how it works, we need to find out if it’s legit. 

MyCLEARopinion operates since 2007, under the name Building Materials Talk Panel. In 2011, BNP Media bought the company. BNP Media is a large business-to-business media company founded in 1926. So, MyCLEARopinion is a real company with a reputable parent company behind it. 

myclearopinion homepage preview layout

How to Join

Signing up is easy. You just have to click on the “Join Now” button and take a brief profiling questionnaire. Then, you will receive a confirmation email and when you click on the link, it’s over, you’re in. As soon as you finish the process you will receive your first 500 points as a welcome bonus. It’s a nice start, isn’t it? 

Now, you are ready to take surveys.

How It Works

You don’t have to waste your time to log in and check if there are any available opportunities. The panel will use your profiling survey answers to match you to survey opportunities. Each time, you will receive an invitation via email. The invitations include info about estimated length and number of points if you complete the survey. However, if you want more opportunities you can search for extra surveys under the “Take A Survey” heading

Each survey starts with a screening part that decides if you qualify for the survey. Whenever you get screened out you will get a free ticket for monthly sweepstakes. The prize of the drawing is a $100 American Express gift check. While I’m not a fan of lottery, it costs you nothing and it’s just an additional chance, very small though, to earn extra prizes. Anyway, if you pass a screening part, you can proceed and complete the survey.

Rewards and Redemption

Every time you complete the survey you will receive CLEARcash points. I don’t like point-systems, but it’s pretty simple here. 100 points equal $1. Remember the welcoming bonus of 500 points? It means that you start with $5 on your account. 

500 points is also a threshold for redemption. However, it is a little bit trickier to get your hands on your reward. Accounts are redeemed monthly. This means that you may have to wait for a certain date no matter how many points you have accrued. Of course, as long as it’s more than 500.

As for rewards, there’s no cash. You can redeem your points for several gift cards including Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Virtual MasterCard. 


  • Signup bonus. $5 as a welcome gift is a nice way to start off. It’s pretty generous as well.
  • Sweepstakes opportunity. Every time you are disqualified, you will receive one entry for the monthly drawing. The more you get disqualified, the more entries you get. Although, I’d still prefer qualifying for surveys.
  • Everything is simple. It’s all about surveys, there are no other tasks. 


  • No cash rewards. While gift card selection is pretty decent, cash is the preferred option for most people.
  • No user reviews. I couldn’t find any user ratings. This doesn’t have to be a downside, but it is a little bit peculiar. It is a relatively new panel so they probably don’t have too many members. But it’s just my wild guess. 


MyCLEARopinion is a legitimate survey panel. With a large and reputable parent company behind it, it looks promising. However, it is still a sort of uncharted territory. In my trial test that lasted for two days, I didn’t receive any surveys. So, I can neither confirm nor deny that they deliver on their promises. The lack of online reviews wasn’t helpful either. The rules seem to be simple and fair. So, I hope they are good and reliable, but I can’t be sure.

If you are new to survey panels, maybe it’s a good idea to wait for a while before joining this site. After all, there are many proven and reliable survey sites out there. MyCLEARopinion may turn out to be another one, but I’d like to see some positive experiences before signing up.

However, if you are already a member of several panels, you may give it a try. New panels often start with generous offers to attract new members. If things work out for you, it would be great. And if not, you can jump ship and you still have your regular sites to earn some money.