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MySoapBox is a paid survey site. It offers you to participate in their surveys and you get rewarded in return. It is a simple yet effective concept. If you like taking surveys you can voice your opinion and earn some money for your effort. It is not a big money and you can’t expect to earn enough for living, not even close. But, taking surveys is easy and fun, so earning some pocket money is a nice bonus.

Because of this, survey sites are pretty popular these days. However, not all of them are good opportunities. Some of them value your opinion and pay you for your effort. Others just want to use this popularity, to collect valuable data, but try to avoid rewarding the participants. And there are outright scams as well. So, you need to be careful when you choose sites that you want to join.

In this review, I will show you what do they do on MySoapBox and how do they do it.

Is It Legit

This is the first and most important question. And there is a straight and simple answer. MySoapBox is legit. It is owned and operated by Soap Box Sample, which is a member of the Interview Service of America (ISA) group. It is a market research company that operates since 1982.

Survey sites with real and reputable companies behind them are always legit. This doesn’t include small companies that have only a PO box address and no info on employees. As for MySoapBox, they have a respected mother company so we can conclude, that it is legit. Being legit doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a fair treatment. However, legit companies and sites must abide by the law. If you pay attention to rules and policies, you will be protected, as well as your data.

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How It Works

If you decide to join the site, signing up on MySoapBox procedure is short and easy. After entering your basic info, you will have to fill in a profile questionnaire, and you are ready to go. The idea of the site is to offer you to share your opinion on products and services. In return, you will be rewarded. Taking surveys is a common way to express your thoughts and opinions. Occasionally, they may offer you to test a product, but it is not something you can count on.

You will receive invitations for surveys via email. You can also log into your MySoapBox account and search for available surveys. Usually, surveys are easy to understand and easy to answer. Before the survey starts you will be notified about the reward and estimated time to complete it. For each survey you complete, you will receive points. On average, surveys take around 10 to 15 minutes and pay between 600 and 1000 points. There are no limitations so these numbers can be much higher or lower, depending on the length and difficulty of the survey. Point system is simple, 1000 points equal $1.

The number of invitations depends on your demographics. However, the frequency of the surveys is above the industry average. You can hope for one survey a day if your profile is in demand.

On the other hand, each invitation will not result in survey completion. Before you start the real survey, you will have to answer a couple of qualifying questions. During this process, you will be either disqualified or allowed to proceed and take the survey. This can be annoying and a waste of time. Anyway, if you get disqualified you will receive 10 points, a sort of consolation prize.

Rewards and Bonuses

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MySoapBox offers a variety of rewards. Unfortunately, none of them include cash. You can choose a number of gift cards and e-vouchers to redeem your points. It includes Amazon, Starbucks, Tango, Walmart gift cards and many more. You can also choose to donate your point to charity.

As for redemption, there is also a 25,000 points threshold for your first payout. It is a pretty high threshold and it can take some time to reach this number. However, things get easier after the first payment. Depending on the gift card value you can redeem them for as low as 1000 points.

When it comes to bonuses, as soon as you register you will receive a $2 sign up bonus. Referring a friend will earn you 250 points.


  • Surveys – Surveys are interesting and fun. This is important because survey sites won’t pay you big money. So, it should be fun and easy to make sense. Chances are that you will have frequent opportunities to take surveys. With few available surveys, it can take forever to accumulate enough points.
  • Customer support – Customer service is quite good and reliable. It almost comes as a surprise, because it is usually a weak spot of survey sites. This is also a good sign of dedication and care for the members.
  • Pay rate – There is no such thing as a fixed pay rate on survey sites. However, on average MySoapBox pays well. It is not the highest paying site but frequent surveys and solid pay rate allow you to accumulate points quite quickly.


  • No Cash – Gift cards are okay, but the lack of possibility to redeem points for money is a shortcoming.
  • High payout minimum – $25 is a high redemption threshold. After the first payment, there are no further thresholds, but if it takes too long to get your first reward, it can be discouraging.
  • Disqualifications – This is actually a crucial part and a game changer. Some people have complained that they rarely qualify for surveys. Others didn’t have those problems. It depends on your demographics, so you can’t know the odds beforehand. Anyway, if you get screened out too often, it is frustrating and a waste of time.


MySoapBox is a legit survey site. They don’t promise too much, but they deliver on their promises. In my opinion, just a few issues separate them from being a top choice survey site. Those issues are lack of an option to redeem your points for cash and possible high disqualification rate. Apart from that, I am impressed with their customer support, so, overall, I think that it is worth giving it a try. If you don’t mind getting paid in gift cards, I recommend to give it a go.