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How to make some money without breaking a sweat? It is popular these days to find a way to have some passive income. On paid survey sites you’are not exactly earning a passive income, but getting money for taking a survey does sound like easy money. Especially if you like surveys. In this NiceQuest review, I will get a closer look at NiceQuest, an online platform that promises some rewards in exchange for taking surveys.

As you probably know, some of the paid survey sites are a waste of time. So, let’s see if NiceQuest is legit or not, and are they worth your time? You might wonder how is it possible that someone will pay you just for a couple of clicks? It is possible and it is simple. Paid survey sites are owned by market research companies. These companies use data from surveys to analyze customers habits and preferences. Furthermore, it helps them to improve products and services.

Actually, it’s only fair to reward your participation. However, these companies need data from as many people as possible, which means that they won’t pay you a big buck. But any kind of reward is fine if you don’t spend too much time and have fun in the process. Let’s dive into this NiceQuest review for a bit more information.

How to Sign Up

NiceQuest is an online survey panel with over 3 million members. But, you can join in only through invitation – much like E-Rewards. Most people find this annoying as there are many survey sites that will allow anyone to join. I find this both good and bad. It is a nuisance to wait for an invitation, but this also might mean that they are serious. No one can reward a limitless number of participants. If you control the numbers, you can keep them all happy.

But, how to earn an invitation? You should follow them on social media and that’s about all you can do. They run sweepstakes from time to time on social media. Their partners can send you an invitation as well. When you get the invitation, you can sign up. It is a quick and easy procedure. You have to answer a couple of questions so that they can make your profile. After that, you are ready to take surveys.

How Do You Get Rewards

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As soon as you sign up you will receive 40 ‘shells’ sign up bonus. It is a currency that they use. You will get a certain number of shells for each survey you take. Then, you can exchange them for gift cards or products from their online catalog. The value of the Shell is fluent, depending on the product, and it is between $5 and $10 for 100 Shells. You will receive about 20 Shells for each survey you take. This is a bit more generous compared to other paid survey sites.

There is also a Premium Members program. As you can probably guess, it is invitational again. This program will reward you with 100 Shells for participation and additional Shells for each survey you take. In return, they will ask you to install Nicestats app on your devices to collect your browsing information. You can quit or decline the Premium program and continue your ‘normal’ member activities.


NiceQuest will send you notifications about available surveys via email. Each survey will start with a couple of qualifying questions. Most of the times you will qualify and proceed with your survey. When you don’t qualify you will receive some Shells, sort of entry reward.

Surveys are easy to understand and interesting, according to most of the users. It can take you from 5 to 20 minutes to complete one. However, you don’t know how long it will take or how many shells you will get, until the end.

Usually, you will get 3 surveys per month. You might receive more depending on your demographics. Still, it is not nearly enough to earn a substantial amount of points. It might take months or even years before you can earn a decent reward.

And this is probably the greatest downside to this panel. Most of the users prefer gift cards to gift items. However, gift cards with smaller values like $10 Amazon gift card were not available lately. It means a long wait before you can redeem your Shells, again.


Every month NIceQuest holds sweepstakes for their members. Prizes are very attractive and valuable. They include computers, TVs, iPhones and many more. You don’t have to do anything to enter the draw, as long as you have completed at least one survey in that month. Even if you didn’t you can enter the draw for 10-15 Shells. Of course, this is a lottery, so there are only a couple of lucky winners each month.


Interesting surveys – Users really praise Nicequest surveys. They seem to be accustomed to suit each user. So, this is a good one.

High reward per survey – Each survey is worth about $1 – $2 which is higher than the industry average.

Charity options – You can choose to donate your points to charity organizations, such as UNICEF, UNHCR, and others.

NiceQuest app – You can download NiceQuest’s app on your Android or iOS. This is nice as you can take your survey wherever you are, whenever you want.


Invitational admission – You can’t do much to get access.

Not enough surveys – 2, or 3 surveys per month is really a low number. Consequently, you can’t earn many points and you can wait for rewards for ages.

No cash prizes – Many survey lovers prefer cash prizes. Even the gift cards are unavailable, lately. So, rewards are limited.

Bad customer service – Customer service is slow to reply, and most of the times you will get a generic response. This one bothers me as customers support can make you feel good even if a problem occurs. While the lack of it will raise the doubts even for the minor glitches.


NiceQuest is absolutely legit and safe. At first glance, they seem to be great as their surveys are interesting and well-paid. However, there are too few surveys and no cash rewards. Because of that, I can’t think of someone who would make them a top choice. It won’t hurt you though to sign up if you get an invitation. If you are a member of panels that provide more opportunities, NiceQuest can be a nice addition. And maybe they will up the number of surveys in the future.