OnePoll is yet another one paid survey site. There are a ton of paid survey sites out there. So, what is all the fuss about? Is it really a good way to make some money? And how does OnePoll fare against other similar sites?

We live in The Information Age. Moreover, I would say that it is an age of rush and hurry. With technological development, it becomes easier to perform almost any task or chore. Yet, somehow, it seems we have less and less time available.

One way to try to gain more free time is to make some passive income. While getting paid for taking surveys is not exactly and completely passive income, it is a way to earn some extra money. And if you like taking surveys it should be easy and fun.

The only problem is how to choose reliable sites.  Well, in this review I will take a closer look at this survey. I will show you what is it, how does it work and are they legit. Hopefully, this article will help you to figure out are they worthy of your time.

onepoll homepage preview

What Is OnePoll and Is It Legit

OnePoll is a paid survey site owned by South West News Service Group. SWNS Group is the largest independent news agency in the UK. They have a long list of high-profile clients and partner companies. So, it is safe to say that this online survey panel is run by a respectable and successful company. This means that it is absolutely legit. It still doesn’t mean that they are good and reliable, but at least you know that it is not a scam.

OnePoll is a market research company. By taking surveys you provide valuable information for their research. Analyses of the data provide insight into the market and allow companies to improve their products and services. It is easy to see how it works and how both market research company and client companies benefit from this. Members of the online panel contribute to the whole process. But, can they be rewarded appropriately?

How OnePoll Works

As soon as you open the homepage you can tell that it’s professional and appealing. Of course, looks can be deceptive. But when it comes to websites more often they are a good sign of what to expect.

Sign up process is simple and similar to most of the paid survey sites. Filling in basic personal information and a profile survey will make you a panelist. You will receive around £5 (the exact amount differs slightly for different countries) as a sign-up bonus immediately.

You will receive survey invitations via email. However, you should always check your dashboard. You will find surveys that you qualify for even if you didn’t get an email. This is a general rule for most of the survey sites. Check out the dashboard to get more surveys.

Surveys on this website are usually very short. It takes 2 to 3 minutes for most of them, 10 minutes, tops. This is very convenient. Whatever you think of your experience with this site it won’t be a serious waste of time. After you complete the survey you will be rewarded anywhere between 10 and 250 points. 100 points are worth around £1. It is a pretty big stretch. That makes it impossible to figure out your potential income beforehand. Or the pay rate, for that matter.


When you accumulate £25 or $40 you can redeem your money. It is a quite high payment threshold. However, it used to be £40 and $65, but they decreased it, probably because of frequent complaints. It can take a long time to reach so this is still a negative. Once you make a withdrawal request, you will receive your money in a couple of weeks time. They always pay, but it is an unreasonably long period.

The most usual way for payment is via PayPal. BACS is another available option.

Social Media and Referral Program

OnePoll is active on Facebook and Twitter. It offers occasional sweepstakes with prizes from £100 to £1000.

A referral program is worth mentioning. For each new member you refer to, you will get 50 points. But, it is not all. When your referrals reach £20, you will be rewarded £1. And even more, when they reach £40 you will get £2.5. While this is not a game changer, it is a nice little bonus.


Looks – The site is neat and easy to navigate. It is not really useful but shows seriousness and dedication.

Short surveys – You won’t get stuck with never-ending questionnaires. Even if some surveys bore you, it will be over in no time.

Good pay rate – Well, I can’t be sure about this one because rewards and completion time can vary a lot. I still think it should be adequate.

Excellent customer service – This is a big one. As a matter of fact, it is very rare for survey sites to have decent customer support.


High Threshold – It is discouraging to wait too long to get paid. I can’t see the reason for this other than hoping that some members will quit before reaching the milestone. And all the prior work was for free.

Surveys tend to dry out as you approach the threshold – I can’t be certain about this, but way too many users complained about this. All of them eventually reached the threshold and received the money. Still, sudden standstill right before you gets your reward is annoying even if it is random and accidental.


OnePoll is a legit paid survey site. I think it is a good and pretty much reliable site. However, there are better sites out there that pay more and are much faster. Still, this survey opportunity seems to be trustworthy. Yes, there is a big issue with stalling right before the payment time. On the other hand, great customer support and lowering the payment threshold send a good message.

So my final judgment is that it is a good site, not the best, though. I do think that they will get better, judging from their recent changes. I would recommend joining them. If you prefer other sites and OnePoll doesn’t qualify for your survey portfolio at least keep an eye on them.