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Opinions4Good is another interesting survey panel. It stands out from the crowd for its charity work. It is not the only survey site that donates money to charities, though. The difference is that you will have to donate a portion of your earnings every time you complete a survey. So, it’s a site for people who want to contribute. Generally, people sign up for survey sites to earn a couple of extra bucks. Apart from that, it may be appealing to voice your opinion and be a part of the process of improving products and services. Helping a non-profit organization might be another nice incentive to sign up to Opinions4Good.

What Is Opinions4Good?

Opinion4Good or Op4G is a market research company based in Portsmouth, NH. It was founded in 2010 and it has a pretty unique approach when it comes to panelists. They combine their market research business with helping non-profit organizations and charities. They collaborate with more than 380 non-profit organizations. So, it’s pretty obvious that they are legit. The idea of helping charities while making a couple of extra bucks is appealing. Let’s see how Opinions4Good works and is it good as it looks.

How It Works

When it comes to signing up, you will need an invitation for Opinions4Good. But, it’s not as difficult as it seems. You should contact any non-profit partner of the site and ask for an invitation to Opinions4Good. If you get one, then a standard procedure follows. It means you will need to share your personal info and answer a couple of profiling questions. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email and you’re in. During this process, you will be able to choose a non-profit to donate to. Although, you can change your choice at any time.

It’s not the shortest joining process, but you shouldn’t be discouraged. In my experience, sites with restrictive joining policy usually offer more surveys and pay better. It is easier to do so with a limited number of participants.

Now, you are ready for surveys on Opinions4Good. You will receive invitations via email. Surveys are usually easy to understand and take between 5 and 30 minutes. However, you should try to respond to invitations quickly as surveys usually have a limited number of spots. You will also have to answer a couple of pre-qualifying questions. When it comes to paying it is difficult to calculate average pay rates. Most of them pay between $1 and $3. Occasionally, there are surveys that pay up to $10, but they are rare. Anyway, it seems that they pay well.

However, at least 25% of your earnings will go to the non-profit of your choice. You can change this number to 50%, 75%, and 100% if you wish to donate more.

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Payment Options

Op4G is not a typical site and most steps are a little bit different compared to other survey sites. It can cause some misunderstanding every once in a while, so be careful and read their rules. When you complete the survey it takes a week or two, sometimes even longer before it shows on your account. So, you will need to be patient before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

It is similar when it comes to cashing out. The Opinions4Good panel pays their members monthly, so it may take a while to receive your money.

While I don’t like delays in both credits and payments, I must say that the Opinions4Good site is improving. They used to pay quarterly and now it is monthly. Even though it’s still slow, it shows that they care about their members and try to improve their services.

It is the same with thresholds. The threshold for cashing out used to be $20. Now, it is $10 which is acceptable. You can choose a PayPal transfer or check. PayPal is the best option for payouts, so this is okay.

Advantages of Op4G 

  • It pays well. Even though you have to donate 25% or more, you can still earn a couple of extra dollars. Most surveys pay $1 or more which is good even when you subtract 25%.
  • You are helping charity organizations. It’s a small contribution but it’s still a contribution. A large number of panelists can make a difference. Also, you can donate money to non-profit of your choice. Of course, if it is on the list of over 380 non-profit organizations that collaborate with Op4G.

Disadvantages of Op4G

  • Limited access. Actually, they are not accepting new members at the moment. Hopefully, this will change soon. Op4G has plans to expand to a couple of European countries, so I believe that they will open their gates soon. But, even then, you will probably have to look for an invitation from their partners.
  • Slow payments. Double-checking is okay but they are a little bit slow. Many survey sites will pay you instantly. Waiting and wondering if you’re going to get your money can be frustrating. Having said that, they have shortened the waiting period from up to three months to up to a month. So, they might improve further in the future.
  • Slow customer service. Together with slow payments, this is sort of ‘bottleneck’ of this site. Many panelists complained about not receiving payments or credits without a fast response. I read many user reviews where issues were resolved, but with a significant delay. Waiting for your money, and waiting for any kind of response can be a trust breaker.


Opinions4Good is a legitimate and probably trustworthy survey panel. It is not the best there is, but charity work for some shortcomings. Well, at least it does for me. But, even if we put aside helping non-profit organizations, it is still a decent survey site. Most of the downsides are typical for survey sites such as slow customer support and payments.

However, they seem to improve gradually in all aspects of the business. I appreciate that very much. They have shortened the payment interval, disqualifying rates are lower than before, and even customer support is improving. Opinions4Good Trustpilot rating is improving all the time as well. So, even though there are more profitable survey sites out there, I recommend joining Op4G. Of course, if and when they allow new members to join.