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Online surveys industry is thriving at the moment, and it shows no signs that it will slow down any time soon. Many sites offer rewards for your opinion. OpinionSite is one of them. Market research companies are just a few clicks away from millions of consumers. And consumers are eager to join as they can pocket some extra money from the comfort of their own home. The only roadblock is the fact that not all of these sites are legit. Some of them might be scams, while others are a waste of time. 

In this review, I will show you what does OpinionSite has to offer to you. I will dig deep to gain an understanding is it legit, and is it a good opportunity to earn some extra cash. So, let’s see.

What Is OpinionSite

OpinionSite is owned and operated by a market research company called Universal Survey Center. It was founded in 1997. Over 20 years of experience suggests that it is a legit and reliable site. Otherwise, it probably wouldn’t make it in this pretty competitive niche. But, let’s take one step at a time. Most of the paid survey site target a very wide audience in order to collect various data. OpinionSite is somewhat different. Their surveys are focused more on the healthcare industry. Actually, there are two separate panels on the site: one for healthcare professionals and another for general consumers. Other than that, OpinionSite is a typical survey site. It offers you to voice your opinion through taking surveys. In return, you get cash incentives. Or in other words, you earn some money.

How to Get Started With OpinionSite

Homepage on OpinionSite is nice and clear. However, you don’t really get a lot of info. You can see their contact email address, phone number, and their real-world address, though. It is yet another hint that the site is legit. Anyway, you will soon forget about the lack of information, because as soon as you login you get access to all facts and details. I would still prefer to see it before joining, but at least it becomes available.

To get started you need to choose a healthcare professional or consumer path. As a matter of fact, you can join both if you are a healthcare professional. For consumers, it is a quick and simple process, while healthcare pros have an additional verification to prove they are working in the healthcare industry. The verification procedure may take up to a couple of days. Once you register on OpinionSite you can start taking surveys and earning points. 1400 points equal $1. I don’t get it why do they use a point system. Maybe because earning 1400 of anything looks better than a $1.

Anyway, as soon as you register on OpinionSite you will get a sign-up bonus of 1400 points or $1. Before you move on to take surveys, there is a short profile questionnaire. Filling it up will earn you 2400 points or $2. So, just for becoming a member on OpinionSite you will receive $3. Now, you can start with surveys. 

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How OpinionSite Works

You will receive invitations for OpinionSite surveys via email. As with most of the survey sites, you will have to answer a couple of pre-qualifying questions before you move on to complete the survey. You can get disqualified during this process. However, the disqualification rate is very low on the healthcare panel. Overall, screening out rate is below average for the industry. 

You will earn points for each completed survey on OpinionSite. The number of points usually depends on the length of the survey. Most surveys will get you between 500 and 2500 points, or $0.4 to $2. If you get screened out you will receive 50 points. It is not much, but any consolation reward is better than none. And disqualifications can be quite frustrating.

Surveys on OpinionSite are usually short, interesting and easy to understand. At least most of the members say so. Besides online surveys, you may get an invitation for a phone survey. Phone surveys are usually longer, but way more profitable. However, don’t expect to get them too often. 

When you accumulate 14,000 points you can redeem your points for rewards. You can choose between PayPal, check and e-gift cards. 14,000 points equal $10, so it is an easily reachable threshold. Many people used to complain about redeeming options because the check was the only option to get your money. Expanding payment options to PayPal and gift cards improved their reputation immensely.

Pros of OpinionSite

  • Pay rate above average. You can’t really know if you are going to get better-paid surveys or those with lower rates. It depends on your demographics and trends in demand. However, on average you should earn a $1 per surveyon OpinionSite, or slightly above.
  • High paying phone surveys. Not too many of these, but they pay great.
  • Good customer service. While I read some complaints as well, customer support is pretty decent on OpinionSite. Just make sure to follow the procedures or you may never receive a response.
  • Low disqualifying rate. This is particularly true for a healthcare panel.
  • Improvements to help your experience. After many complaints about payments via check only, the site introduced PayPal and gift cards as new payout options. It shows that they care about members and their opinion.

Cons of This Panel

  • A large discrepancy between healthcare and consumer panel. Healthcare panel provides better-paid surveys, more frequently and with lower disqualification rate.
  • Payment issues. Many members complained about not getting their money. Sometimes it was sent to a wrong email or PayPal address. Most of these issues were eventually resolved, but it took some time and members had to be persistent. I am not sure what to think of it, but occasionally, the payment is not as smooth as it should be. 
  • A lack of info before you sign up. This is not a big deal, but it would be better if you could check all the facts before joining Opinion Site.


OpinionSite is an absolutely legit and more or less reliable site. Apart from some complaints about payment, it is a pretty good site. As for those complaints, it is hard to figure out whose fault it is. Anyway, the fact that many of these problems were resolved makes me believe that this is a reliable site.

However, while a healthcare panel is pretty much excellent, general consumer panel is more of an average survey site. At the end of the day, I believe that OpinionSite is an extra opportunity for healthcare professionals to earn a few extra bucks. As for general consumers, it might depend on your demographics, but you could give it a try.