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OpinionWorld is an online research panel. If you’re reading this you are probably familiar with this kind of sites. Basically, most of these sites will pay you some money to voice your opinion through surveys. If you like surveys, it seems like fun and profitable activity. Sometimes, it is so, but sometimes it can turn out to be a waste of time, to put it mildly. So, how to figure out which sites are good opportunities and which are not? 

First, we have to find out if the OpinionWorld site is legit. There are many scams out there. Once we establish legitimacy, it comes down to pay rate and pleasant user experience. A good pay rate depends on your ambitions. But, generally, sites that pay a $1 per survey or more are good-paying sites. If they pay much less you may reconsider joining. I’ll give you an example. 

Surveys usually take around 15 minutes on average. If you get paid around $1 it means you will earn about $4 an hour. It is not the best hourly wage, but you don’t need a skill for surveys, it is sort of fun, so I would call it a good deal. However, if you get $0.20 or $0.30 you won’t earn more than a $1 an hour. Some sites offer frequent opportunities to lure you, but if you need to spend hours to make a couple of dollars, it is just not worth it. That’s why I always recommend sites that pay higher rates. And if they don’t offer enough opportunities you should join multiple sites.

Besides money, we must check out do they really pay what they promise and how do they work overall. So, let’s check out OpinionWorld.

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Is OpinionWorld Legit

OpinionWorld is owned by Dynata. That is enough to call it legit. Dynata is one of the largest global market research companies. Its predecessor Research Now was founded in 1977. After several mergers and acquisitions, it became Dynata in 2019. So, OpinionWorld is as legit as it gets. However, that’s just the first step. It still doesn’t make it a good opportunity. Let’s proceed to see how it works.

How OpinionWorld Works

It is quite easy to register. You need to fill in your basic info and click on the activation link in the email that you will receive. As soon as you create an account you will be asked to fill in a profiling survey. Apparently, this is an important step as it seems that they prioritize users who update their profile often and in detail. Once you’ve done it you can start taking surveys. You will receive invitations via email. Also, you can look for available surveys on your dashboard. 

Most of the surveys pay between $0.50 and $3. Actually, the site uses a point system, so you will receive 500 to 3,000 points per survey, but it equates the aforementioned figures. You will be notified how much it pays and lasts beforehand. There is a nice addition in the form of short daily surveys. You don’t have to take these surveys but if you do, the money will go to charity. And that’s about it.

Once you accumulate 10,000 points you can request a payout. You can get cash via PayPal or you can choose another way of payment. You can redeem your points for airline miles, various gift cards including Amazon gift card, restaurant and movie vouchers. The threshold is always the same – 10,000 points or $10.

Account Termination Issue

While everything seems great and simple so far on Opinion World, there is an issue that casts a shadow over the site. It is a sudden account termination. Truth be told, there are people that try to scam survey sites with multiple accounts or else. And survey sites need to have some kind of security protocols and security software. But, the sheer number of complaints about account termination is way too big to be overlooked or justified with potential threats. It happens all of a sudden, for apparently no reason. Furthermore, people who tried to get things straight by contacting the customer support service usually got a generic answer or no answer at all. Some users believe that the site does this on purpose as soon as you reach the payout threshold.

It is hard to get to the bottom of this, but there’s no good excuse for these actions. It is impossible that all these people have breached the rules. Or if they did, the rules are no good. Some people were loyal members for years but their accounts got terminated nevertheless. I came across this kind of problem a couple of times with other survey sites. I figured that there are only two possible reasons for these actions. Either the site is dishonest and wants to keep a portion of rewards for themselves, or it has too strict and basically faulty security software. Either way, it is a deal-breaker and trust breaker as well.

Pros of OpinionWorld

  • International membership. This site is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.
  • Quick payments. Whether you choose to cash out via PayPal or to get a gift card you can expect to receive your reward really quickly.
  • Good pay. While the frequency of surveys depends on your demographics, OpinionWorld pays quite well on average. With a range from $0.50 to $3, chances are you will earn around $1 per survey or a little more.
  • Short charity surveys. They won’t help you earn, but it is nice to be a benefactor as well.

Cons of This Online Panel

Actually, besides account termination, I didn’t find any other issues on OpinionWorld. Some people complained about disqualifying rates, but that depends on your demographics and profile info. Anyway, I think that disqualifying rates are below the average for the industry. So, I really think that they have only one issue – account termination. Unfortunately, it is a major one.

Final Word on OpinionWorld

At first sight, OpinionWorld looks quite good. It is legit with the reputable parent company behind it, pays quick and well, everything is pretty straightforward – it’s a definition of a good and reliable survey site

However, when you look at the users ratings you will see either five-star or one-star ratings, and almost no ratings in the middle. The reason for this is obvious. Some users get to see only the good side of the Opinion World site and it is only natural to rate their experience as great. On the opposite side, you will find many angry or even shocked users whose accounts were terminated with little to no explanation.

I don’t want to judge why these terminations occur. In my opinion, it is unacceptable anyway. And I can’t recommend this site as long as this pattern appears. Apart from that, Opinion World could be a great survey site. So, I won’t judge you either if you decide to join them anyway. There are some satisfied users and you might get lucky, too.