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Panel Engage is yet another survey site that offers you rewards for completing surveys. “Take online surveys and reap the rewards!” “Got some extra time? Close the YouTube and earn some money by giving your opinion!” I’m sure you ran across this kind of messages more than once. Is it really that easy to make some money online? The truth is that it is absolutely possible. 

There’s no catch, there are honest and reliable survey sites that will pay you for voicing your opinion. But the whole truth is that there’s a limited number of trustworthy sites and many more of those that want to scam you in some way. And even if you choose the best sites you won’t earn enough to quit your job. Not even a part-time job. But, you can get some pocket money to pay some of your bills or something like that.

So, if you see a promise that you can make a lot of money, get out of there without hesitation. Having said that, I still find the idea of taking surveys very appealing. After all, it is as easy as it gets. You just have to share your opinion about your car, vacuum cleaner, favorite candy or whatever. It can be amusing and earning a couple of extra bucks is cool for basically doing nothing. It is certainly more rewarding than pointless surfing and checking out social media every 5 minutes. 

Anyway, you may like this idea or not, but if you’re interested, the hard part is to find reliable survey sites. Or to avoid scams and grey area sites that can bring you nothing more than frustration and headache. Well, we are here to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, so let’s take a look at Panel Engage.

Panel Engage homepage preview

What Is Panel Engage and Is It Legit?

Panel Engage is an online survey panel. These panels (reliable ones) pay their members for taking surveys. The reason for this is simple: they can afford it. Survey sites are usually run by marketing companies and panelists provide important info for their research. All kinds of companies will pay a lot of money to get consumer feedback in order to improve products and meet trends.

So, It’s really ‘everybody wins’ situation. As for Panel Engage, it is owned and operated by iResearch Services, a global marketing company with offices in the USA, UK, and India. They have a pretty decent list of globally recognized clients which allows us to claim that they are legit. So, let’s see what they have to offer on Panel Engage and how it works.

How It Works

As soon as you land on Panel Engage homepage, you’ll see a panoramic view of Toronto(?) and invitation to share your opinion. If you scroll down you will see a couple of introductory sentences about how Panel Engage works and a signup button. The modern and clean design on Panel Engage looks good and promising. But in my case, the fun stopped there. It’s a single page site and none of the four tabs on the top of the page will get you anywhere. Those tabs just scroll the page up and down to those general sentences that I mentioned above. There are no detailed explanations, no guidelines, no FAQs, or anything else to help you understand how it works. But, I won’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve seen much worse homepages, this one at least looks good.

And then I faced a new obstacle. I filled in a very simple and short signup form and this is what I got:

panelengage sign up confirmation

I am not sure what they mean by “soon”, but it’s been two days and still no reply. So, I’ll have to rely on user reviews and other resources without first-hand experience. Well, at least until they get back to me. 

Anyway, it seems like things are pretty simple with Panel Engage. You should receive survey invitations via email, complete them and earn so-called engagement points. You will receive between 500 and 2,000 points for each survey.

How Much You Can Earn

While I generally dislike complicated point systems, this one is pretty straight forward. 1,000 points equals $1. So, it means that surveys pay between $0.5 and $2. If this means that you can earn about $1 on average it is a decent pay rate for a survey site. However, it seems like you won’t get too many opportunities. Most users report getting 3-5 surveys a month on Panel Engage. Also, you won’t qualify for all of them. It seems it may take quite some time to accrue 20,000 points or $20. Why is it important? Because it is the redemption threshold. You can’t request a payout before you accumulate 20,000 points.

Once you reach the threshold you can redeem your points for Amazon gift card or several retail e-vouchers. 

Advantages of Panel Engage

Scarce information about this site makes it difficult to assess. Especially if you can’t test it. But, I’ll give it a try.

  • It is legit. This is the first and most important question about survey sites. So, being legit is okay to start with.
  • Panel engage is mobile friendly. You can take surveys at home or on the go using your smartphone.
  • Surveys match your field of expertise or interests. At least, that’s what they claim. This should make surveys fun and easy to complete.

Disadvantages of This Panel

  • They probably don’t admit new members at the moment. When I tried to sign up I didn’t get any feedback apart from that vague welcoming note. And then zero, zip, nada. In my research, one review site claimed that they don’t accept new members at the moment, but I couldn’t verify it.
  • Bad user ratings. Truth be told, it was very difficult to find any user reviews, but those that I have found were pretty negative. The small number of reviews is not a good sign, either.
  • Too many glitches. All users reviews that I found stated they have experienced glitches and technical problems. As a result, they were losing history data and points. Not to mention losing their cool.
  • High redemption threshold. It is not the highest there is, but $20 is still pretty high. There are many sites out there that don’t have a threshold at all.


I can’t say that this is a bad survey site, but I can recommend staying away from it, at least for a while. Why? Well, I really don’t like it when you can’t find any details about anything. All info on this site is pretty vague. It still might be a great survey site, but how the heck can we know? No detailed info, just a couple of bad user reviews. You can’t even join the site at the moment. Actually, it’s another uncertainty.

So, there are too many questions without answers. If I ever get these answers, I’ll be happy to check them out and update this review. The way it is, there are many reliable and trustworthy sites out there, so I would never recommend risking with an uncertain one. But, eventually, it’s up to you.