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There are more and more survey sites every day. For people who wish to earn a couple of extra bucks, it is getting more difficult to choose honest and reliable survey panels. Why do we like surveys anyway? Is it just a way to kill time and earn some money? I don’t think so. The truth is that we all like to have our voices heard. After all, that’s why we have Facebooks, Tweeters and other social networks. We like to think that our opinion counts for something. And that’s exactly what we get from survey panels. In addition, we get some rewards as gratitude for our contribution. It is small, but it’s still a contribution. Rewards won’t improve our finances immensely, but it’s still money.

So, we like to voice our opinion and we are happy to accept small incentives for our work. If this wasn’t the truth there wouldn’t be so many survey panels out there. And panels like PhorTech wouldn’t exist. PhorTech is a specific and exclusive online panel for life scientists and bioresearchers. While scientists aren’t the richest people on the planet, they probably don’t need to supplement their income through survey sites. It is more about being a part of the community and sharing opinions or knowledge. That being said, there are rewards for panelists, anyway.

Today, I will take a closer look at this panel, even though I can’t test it myself, as I’m not a life scientist or anything close to it. So, let’s see if the PhorTech panel is a good place for scientists to share opinions and get some rewards.

PhorTech Survey Basic Facts

Science isn’t just about inventions, experiments, and knowledge. Even scientists or their companies need to deal with market research. That’s where PhorTech comes in. It is a specialized market research company founded in 1989. The survey panel is the core of their business with more than 50,000 members worldwide. Needless to say, I am talking about life scientists. Also, the company has a long list of clients that include many reputable companies, scientific societies, and government agencies. Their field of expertise encompasses molecular biology, cell biology, next-gen sequencing, endpoint and quantitative PCR, microarrays, nanodrop technologies, and many other fields that I don’t have a clue what they are about. But, if you’re a scientist you will probably know what it is.

Usually, legitimacy is the first question that needs an answer when we talk about survey sites. PhorTech is absolutely legit, obviously. With 30 years of experience and many clients and members, it appears to be a great place to share scientific zeal.

phortech homepage preview

How to Join PhorTech Panel

As soon as you land on their homepage you will know who you’re dealing with. It looks pretty much outdated and boring. But, hey, this is about science, not entertainment. The panel is not on the homepage and you’ll have to click on “PhorTech Panel of Bioresearchers” tab. On this page you should look for “How Do I Join the PhorTech Panel of Bioresearchers” hyperlink. Finally, you will find a registration button at the bottom of the page.

The registration process is short and simple. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Once you apply, that’s it. You will receive an answer via email. If you fit their criteria, they will send you invitations to take part in their research.

How It Works

There are two kinds of assignments on the PhorTech site: surveys and focus groups. Usually, you will receive invitations for online surveys, but occasionally, phone surveys and focus groups will be available. I can’t tell you how interesting these surveys are, or how long it takes to complete them. As for rewards, there’s no cash, but there’s plenty of other options. Rewards include Amazon and Starbucks gift cards and several gift items such as limited edition designer t-shirts or laser pointers. Allegedly, laser pointer is the most popular gift item! Seriously? But what do I know, maybe scientists of today are very much like Sheldon and others from The Big Bang Theory sitcom.

Anyway, your gift certificates can be worth anywhere between $7 and $50. You can also choose to donate your rewards to charity organizations. 


  • It is an opportunity to share opinions and assessments. Of course, scientists have other ways to exchange knowledge and ideas. However, this panel provides a sort of connection between scientific achievements and real-world implementations.
  • It pays well. This is probably not the most important thing to attract bioresearchers. Still, this panel offers decent rewards when compared to regular survey sites.
  • You can donate your rewards to charities. Helping others makes us happy. Sometimes selfless, altruistic acts will bring more satisfaction than earning a couple of extra bucks.


  • It is highly exclusive. This is not a place for typical survey takers. A very limited number of people can meet the requirements to join this panel. So, if you’re not a life scientist there’s no way to become a panelist. 
  • No cash. Most survey takers prefer cash rewards. PhorTech offers several gift cards and gift items which is okay. While most people would like to have cash as an option, this is a specific community and rewards probably don’t matter as much as they do on ‘regular’ survey sites.

phor tech survey incentives


Honestly, I can’t reach the verdict. PhorTech is very specific and I couldn’t test it myself. However, some facts are certain. This panel is not about money and rewards. Actually, PhorTech pays well, but it targets the group that is more attracted by some other prospects. Furthermore, PhorTech tries not to bother its members too much and it sends invitations only a couple of times a year. So, members can’t expect to supplement their income. Rewards are just a way to express gratitude and appreciation at Phor Tech. If you are a life scientist, you should give it a chance. It may be a satisfactory experience for you. 

As for average Joe/Jane, the verdict is quite simple. You can’t join this site, end of the story. But if you’re into surveys, there’s a ton of survey sites out there, ready to accept new members at any time. You can find reviews of all relevant and many other survey panels on our site.