PineCone Research is a survey site that will pay you to take surveys. In this review, I will try to shed some light on their business. I will show you what they do, how it works and if it is worth your time. Actually, the last one is up to you, but I will try to provide an in-depth analysis to help you make a decision.

These days it is very popular to try to earn some money online. Having a full-time work-from-home job or just trying to make some extra money, the number of possibilities is growing steadily and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. Paid surveys sites are a good opportunity to make money online but some of those websites are scams, and others are a complete waste of time.

It is difficult to know beforehand if a certain site is legit or a scam. Finding out can be a tedious and time-consuming process. If PineCone Research is on your list, this PineCone Research review will help you to understand how they operate and if they are safe and reliable.

What is PineCone Research and what do they do?

PineCone Research is an exclusive online survey panel owned by New York based Nielsen Company. The Nielsen Company operates worldwide and it is one of the leading market research companies. PineCone Research collects consumers experiences and opinions through surveys and uses it to analyze the market for third parties. Their focus is on future products, so you might occasionally receive a new product to test it.

So, you are a consumer who can contribute their research with valuable information. That’s why they will pay you for each survey you take as well as for product testing. That is the concept. So far I would say it looks like a situation where everybody wins. You can earn some extra cash, PineCone Research gets data for their analyses and their partners improve their products accordingly.

How does it work?

If you wonder why I called them ‘exclusive panel’, it is because they are exclusive! Not everyone can join and become a member or ‘panelist’ as they call their members. You need an invitation link or you can try through other websites. Either way, your application may be rejected. You will be asked to answer an online questionnaire so that they can make your profile. They make the decision based on demographics and if you don’t fit in, you won’t qualify. There is no shortcut or some kind of guide to help you out as demographics in demand change over time.

However, if you qualify things gets better. You will get your surveys via email. Usually, it takes 15-20 minutes to complete one. The site will pay you around $3 for each completed survey. Actually, you will get points, but you can change it for cash or gift cards straight away. If you choose cash you can redeem it via PayPal or you can request a check. Anyway, you will receive your money pretty quickly as there is no threshold.

Every couple of months you will have to fill out another 2-5 minutes questionnaire to update your profile. You won’t get paid for these. If you are lucky, you will occasionally get a new product to test. That will earn you around $6 per product.


PineCone Research is legit and safe. First and most important, they are absolutely legit with a big company behind them. They have a strict privacy policy so your information is protected and used anonymously in aggregated analyses.

They pay well and the payment is prompt. You can choose money or a variety of gift cards including Amazon gift card, Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes gift cards among others. $3 dollars per survey is more than most of the competition pays. Furthermore, you have already qualified for each survey that is available for you so they will pay you each time. Most of the times you can redeem your money in 24-48 hours.

They organize sweepstakes. They have a bi-weekly draw for $500 and quarterly draw for $4500!

Testing new products. There is something thrilling in using a product before it hits the market. You will be paid as well, but for me, that is just an extra, I would enjoy it even if it wasn’t paid.

Surveys are fun. Surveys are easy to understand, and most of the time interesting.

It only gets better. They appreciate loyalty so you get more surveys and products as time goes by. Even your pay rate will rise slightly.

Excellent users reviews. Most of the paid survey sites, and I’m talking only about legit ones, have very mixed reviews. PineCone Research has really happy members, well OK, panelists.


Well, in my opinion, there are no major downsides worth mentioning. Apart from the fact that it is hard to sign up, it is hard to find a flaw, especially when you compare them to other sites in the industry. I will address some minor issues to complete the picture.

No mobile application. You have to use your desktop or laptop. It would be convenient if you could use your smartphone as well.

Outdated interface. It is not pretty and attractive. This isn’t crucial of course, but consumers like everything to be new and trendy.


The final word is quite simple: PineCone Research is legit and reliable survey site. They are exclusive and hard to get in, but that enables them to be great once you are accepted. There is no waste of time, you get paid on time, so this is exactly how paid survey site should operate. I would recommend everyone to join in. If you fail to qualify, try your luck every couple of months until you get in. You will not get rich, but you’ll get very easy extra bucks and that’s what you were after in the beginning, right?