Taking online surveys is probably the best and easiest way to earn some extra cash. Online surveys have improved market research tremendously. Thanks to the Internet, collecting data is as efficient as it gets. Many websites will reward you in cash or various gift cards and vouchers for taking surveys. PointClub is one of these sites. In this review, we will assess is it legit or a scam. Furthermore, we will show how they operate and are they worth your time.

Everyone seems to be looking for an opportunity to make some extra money these days. If you don’t want to work weekends or night shifts beside your regular job, survey sites may be a good choice. Online surveys can’t provide anything like a real wage, but you can earn some pocket money with very little effort.

So, you need to be careful. Many sites will promise you some serious money, but that is not possible. At least not from a single site. As a general rule of thumb, if the offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. Many sites just want to use you without paying or for absurdly small pay rates.

Luckily, there are many sites that pay relatively well and respect your time and contribution. Nowadays, it is possible to explore and figure out who is who in the market. It can be time-consuming, but the truth can’t be hidden, it can only be clouded. We research these sites thoroughly, to save your time and help you figure out which sites are good for you.

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What Is PointClub and Is It Legit

PointClub is an online research panel. They offer you rewards to complete surveys on their site. It is a highly efficient system to gather consumers data and help businesses to improve and adapt. So, this industry is legitimate and beneficial to all parties. Companies get feedback from consumers to help their business. Market research companies get paid to collect data. Finally,  survey takers get their rewards for providing data. Also, it is good to know that your opinion, alongside many others, of course, helps improving products and services.

PointClub is owned and operated by Innovate Market Research. Innovate MR was founded in 2014, but its founders and owners are reputable and played roles in large market research companies since the 1990s. Innovate MR is BBB accredited since 2016 with an A+ rating. BBB stands for Better Business Bureau and their ratings reflect reliability and interaction of business with its customers.

So, with a reputable company behind them, PointClub is not a scam, but fully legitimate business.

How PointClub Works

First, you have to register to PointClub. The registration process is very fast. You can do it with just a few clicks via your Facebook or Google account. Or, you can use your email address instead. As soon as you register you will receive up to $5 sign-up bonus. To get a full $5 bonus you need to enter your email, Google and Facebook account.

First look at the site will boost your confidence. It has great design and user-friendly interface. The member’s area is called ‘clubhouse’ and you will find your offers there. In the beginning, you will have many surveys to choose from. You will be able to see how many points you can win and how much time does it take, for each offer.

The site rewards you with points, but it is a simple and understandable system. 1,000 points equals $1. Most surveys take between 15 and 20 minutes. However, rewards vary more: you can earn from 200 to 2000 points per survey.

If you are active every day on PointClub your level will rise. Each new level will up your earnings for 10%. Level 10 is maximum with your earnings doubled. However, you have to keep up your activity to maintain the level.

So far Point Club looks great. Is there a catch, maybe? Yeah, it is a disqualifying procedure. You may get screened out at any point while taking a survey. You can imagine that it can be quite frustrating. Reasons for screening out are many. You shouldn’t answer the questions to fast. PointClub has a program that assesses your honesty, and if your answers are inconsistent or contradict your previous answers, you will be disqualified. Because of that, the best advice is to take your time and be honest.


You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal. Or, you can choose from more than 80 gift cards. These include Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Macy’s and many more. To claim the reward you need to accumulate 25,000 points. It is not the lowest threshold, but you should be able to reach it in a reasonable time.

Every day you log in, you will get a ticket for Daily Sweepstakes. Winner will get 10,000 points, or $10.


  • Nice design and interface.
  • A lot of surveys available. This means a lot of opportunities to earn.
  • Pay rate is above industry average.
  • Variety of rewards.
  • Leveling-up. Everyday activity raises your level and earnings.


  • High redemption threshold
  • Possible last-minute disqualification
  • Users ratings. This is the major flaw of the site. In our couple of days of research, we couldn’t recognize any problems other than screening out. However, there are way too many negative reviews. Obviously, things don’t always go smooth. Most of the complaints were about screening out and customer support. Delayed payments and point pending time are on the list as well.


PointClub is a legit survey site. Their parent company is respectable and successful. The site looks professional and surveys are interesting. Pay rate is quite good. So, it seems like an easy decision. But, it isn’t.

While PointClub looks like reliable online panel that offers some nice features, it doesn’t always turn out right. Where is the glitch, it is hard to say. Being legit and safe, we believe that all the problems and glitches are not a result of deliberate actions.

It is hard to match obvious high-quality features with the discontent of a significant number of users.

We can’t be 100% positive here, but our final verdict is that PointClub is a legit and good company with issues. We believe that they have the potential to improve, and hopefully, they will.

At the moment, they can’t compete with top-choice survey sites. Still, you can give it a try, or put it on your back-up list. Survey site industry is a dynamic and ever-changing environment. The number of opportunities on most sites changes accordingly. So, it is good to keep your eyes and options open.