Points2Shop is an online reward program. In this review, I will take a closer look at their business. I’ll search for answers who are they, are they legit, and are they a good opportunity. Also, I will try to shed some light on all aspects of their platform so that you can see it all in one place. You will see my verdict at the end of this review, but it is just an opinion. My goal is to provide information that will allow you to make a judgment of your own.

What is an ‘online reward program’ anyway? Paid survey sites, GPT (get paid to) sites, online research panel, there are so many names for similar sites. It is as if someone is trying deliberately to create confusion. Is it all the same? Or, are there some differences? There is a simple way to have a clue what is it all about.

Paid survey sites offer almost exclusively surveys as an activity to get you money. All other names refer to sites that have versatile offers including surveys most of the times. These sites offer watching videos, playing games, participating in free trials and so on.

So, let’s go back to Point.

point2shop homepage preview

Who Are They

Points2Shop is an online reward program like I’ve already said. Usually, sites like this one are owned and operated by market research companies. The reputation of the owner company is usually a hint of what is the panel like. Also, it is a proof of legitimacy. When it comes to P2S (Points2Shop), unfortunately, it is not the case. The parent company is Points2Shop LLC and owners are Matjong and Littlerose!

I must admit Points2Shop is the most cryptic survey or GPT site I have ever visited. I don’t want to jump to conclusion, but the start is pretty fishy. Actually, you can find on the site that Matjong and Littlerose stand for Mat and Janne, respectively. No last names, no background. On the other hand, the site has a privacy policy which is a good sign. They run since 2007, so this points that they probably are legit.

It is not a market research company, so how do they make money anyway? Well, they earn money through partner programs. They collect surveys and other trials from many different companies. Their members complete tasks, trials or whatever. The results are delivered to original sites or companies for a fee. This is where they get money, and supposedly, you can get a portion of it if you become a member.

There is nothing wrong or illegal about this, although I don’t like it personally. Information that they collect is not as nearly valuable as research backed with analysis. If it is harder to make money, it is harder to share with you, as well. This still proves nothing, so let’s take a closer look at how does Points2Shop operate.

What Do They Offer

P2S offers a variety of activities with promised rewards. It includes surveys, watching videos, playing games, completing offers and more. This sounds promising. Multiple activities suggest that you won’t get bored on this site. A number of opportunities mean that you should earn money faster than on survey sites with a limited number of surveys.

P2S claims that they offer the highest payout of all similar sites. You can use your points to buy any product offered by Amazon. Moreover, they will order the product and send it to you without shipping costs! They also claim to have fast and friendly support. This seems too good to be true. If these claims are true they are the best GPT and survey site for sure. But, do they deliver?

How Much Can You Make

As soon as you register you will receive 250 points worth $2.5, or $0.5 on Cashle! Then, they claim that you will have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars! This is, of course, another red flag. While it may be true, it is probably misleading. If I promise you to pay you $1 every day, you will earn thousands of dollars from me. Two thousand dollars in six years. Do you get my point? Serious sites don’t make such inflated promises.

I am really trying not to be judgmental, but it takes a lot of effort. Here comes another fun fact: with all the promises of big money you can’t redeem any money at all! The only way to redeem your points is through Amazon purchase. Still, they claim you can earn cash through referrals and cash offers! Go figure!

Redeeming via Amazon is not a bad option, actually. It is just that they have way too many contradicting claims. Rules on the site are so complicated and there are many of them. The number of points for any activity is yet another conundrum. Each activity has a set of rules on how to earn points. There are as many rules that can deny you a reward in the end.  It is a serious puzzle and it gets worse. But we’ll get to it a little bit later. The bottom line here is that there is no way to figure out, not even distantly, how much points you can make.

Referral Program, Levels and Lottery

A referral program is another way to boost your points. This should be straight and easy. Sorry! There is no such thing on this site. You will receive $0.50 from each referral for signing up and an additional $0.50 when they complete their first offer. So far, so good.

But then comes the riddle. You will receive 15% of what your first level earn, 3% of your second level and 2% of your third level. My best guess is that the first level means my referrals, the second level could be referrals of my referrals and so on. However, this percentage applies only to P2S offers and not those hosted by their partners. And if your referrals are not active your rate will decrease! What does that mean? If they are active the rate will increase? Once again I am dumbfounded.

There is another level of levels. Loyalty and different achievements will decide your honor level in Points2Shop. When you sign up you are a novice. Reaching various milestones will improve your ranks. The levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, elite, diamond and legend. Each new level should come with certain benefits and free points.

Lottery and contests provide more opportunities to earn. You can win free tickets for the weekly lottery. The level of your activity will decide if you get it or not. The prize is $100.

Different contests will take place occasionally. Your activity is key to these contests once again. Rewards are usually around $15.

Users Ratings

Are you still with me? If you are you can probably guess: users ratings are confusing and vague. A majority of reviews are negative. Not a small number of users denote this site as a scam, rip-off and even worse.

However, there are also some five-star reviews. These users claim to have an excellent experience on the site. So, what is the truth? It is impossible to tell with certainty. Let’s see the most common complaints and praises.

The praises are not very specific. Basically, positive reviews describe the site as reliable. And they claim that the site delivers on their promises. Also, they made pretty nice money on the site.

And that’s about it. Of course, when you are happy with the site, there isn’t much to talk about. Well done, thank you and keep up the good work sums it up.

When it comes to complaints it is a whole different story. There are many complaints of people who never got a reward and left the site. Usually, I ignore these reviews because your experience can’t be relevant if you didn’t spend substantial time as a member. The only reason I mention them is a large number of these.

The most often complaint is about being blocked or banned for a variety of trivial reasons. Using a mobile, or different computer and many more seemed to be suspicious for the site so they would suspend these accounts. Very few of them resolved the problem in a satisfying way. However, either a vast number of users tried to cheat, or site has a bad program or whatever they use to avoid frauds.

Slow and useless customer support, rules that are impossible to figure out, add up to a list of complaints.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, you should stay away from this site. While they might be legit, there are just too many murky parts and too many uncertainties. This site is not an outright scam, but it is in a grey zone. Nothing seems to be certain about them. So, I wouldn’t take a risk.

I didn’t mention one important thing in Users Rating section. Some users reported that the site used to be good, but it became awful. If we choose to believe these users it is the mildest verdict the site can get.

Points2Shop is fishy and suspicious in every aspect. Wherever you look for an answer, you will never get a clear one. Why is it so? I can come up with a couple of conspiracy theories but I won’t do that. The truth is that while you can’t hold on to anything to view them as reliable, you can’t rule them out with certainty.

But, when you have so many questions and very few answers, you should stay away. GPT sites are as good as they are reliable and trustworthy. Points2Shop is not such a site at the moment.