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Product Report Card is an online panel or so-called paid survey site. Survey panels offer you to make some money easily and without an effort. It sounds perfect, but in reality, not all of them deliver on their promises. It is true that the best survey sites will allow you to make sort of easy money online. However, it is not a whole lot of money. As for the effort, if you like surveys and product reviews, we can say that it is not a big effort. It will take a little bit of your time, but it can be more fun than real work.

On the other hand, many sites will try to get your opinion and try to avoid paying you. And there are some outright scams out there. So, you should be careful before you join some of these sites. If you make a smart choice, it can be an easy way to earn a couple of extra dollars. So, let’s see what Product Report Card is all about.

What Is It and Is It Legit

Product Report Card is a market survey company based in Denver, CO. They ran an online panel since 2012. They gather consumer data through their online panel and sell it to third companies. The whole idea is to get feedback from customers in order to improve products and services. It is an everybody wins situation. Big companies get valuable info, market companies get money for it, and you get your share as well.

Product Report Card collaborates with many large companies such as IKEA or Gillette. This is a legit business and there is no reason to doubt their legitimacy. Big companies wouldn’t risk their reputation and do business with illegal scammers. So, it is safe to say that this site is legit.

However, it has a C rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau). It used to be B+, so it seems that the site has some issues. I read almost all complaints ( there are more than 70 complaints with about 70 of them resolved so far), and this is what I have learned.

The vast majority of complaints focus on two things: waiting for too long for payout, and too long pending period to collect the reward. Most of the people have received their rewards eventually. Still, the site hasn’t really improved these services and that’s why their rating went down. They did promise to find a solution, though.

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How It Works

Let’s dig deeper to see if we can figure everything out. Signing up is free, actually, you will receive between $5 and $8 sign up bonus as soon as you register. The amount depends on the number of questions that you answer, as most of them are optional. And there are many of them.

You will receive your first survey invitation within 24 hours via email. Besides surveys, this site offers a couple of more opportunities to make some money.

  • Surveys – This is a major way to get some money. You can get between $0.20 and $10 per survey. However, most of them will get you between $0.4 and $1.5 and it will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete it. As with most of the survey sites, you might get screened out at the beginning of the survey. That is annoying, but the disqualification rate is low, which is good.
  • Reviewing products – You can review some products that you own. If you qualify to do the review, you need to write about 500 words. You will be rewarded between $0.5 and $1 per review. This is not a great pay rate, though.
  • Testing products – This is cool. You might get a chance to test a product. They will ship it to you and after the trial period, you will have to answer some easy questions. Most of the times you will get to keep the product and you will receive a $5 reward. The only downside here is the fact that these offers aren’t frequent.
  • Participating in focus groups – This is the best money, but it is a very rare offer. It takes from 5 hours to a couple of days. You will earn between $150 and $350. Hopefully, your demographics are in demand.

How Product Report Card Pays

You need to accumulate $25 to ask for a payment. It is a pretty high threshold. It takes time to reach this limit, at least for an average member. Focus groups can change this, though. Keep track of your earnings because your rewards expire after 1 year. You can receive your rewards via check, ACH direct deposit or Amazon gift card.


  • The site has various offers. This makes it more interesting than just taking surveys.
  • Customer service is good. There are some great reviews and some complaints about customer support. My opinion is that it is way above the industry average, but sometimes it may be slow because of the overload.
  • You can make decent money. If your profile is much in demand, you can accumulate money pretty quickly through different assignments.


  • Waiting for rewards takes too long. Eventually, you will get your rewards, but pending time is sometimes way too long.
  • Rewards have expiring period. A year is not a short period of time, but this is not a nice way to motivate the users.
  • Redemption threshold is high. $25 is not too high, but there are sites without a threshold.
  • Combination of cons listed above can make a serious roadblock. If pending takes too long your points can expire, and you won’t be able to reach the required limit to collect your money.


All survey sites have their good side and the bad side. The balance between the two determines is it a good site or not. Product Report Card is legit and it is not far away from being an excellent survey site. It offers a nice variety of ways to earn money and good customer support is usually a positive sign that the site is honest and reliable.

However, this site has issues that led some users to believe that it is a fraudulent scheme. While this is an overstatement, this site is not a scam. But they will have to address these problems in the future. This way they have many satisfied users and many dissatisfied users as well. And it is impossible to predict which group you will get into if you join the site.

Sometimes there’s a thin line that separates great from bad survey sites. Product Report Card is balancing on that line at the moment.