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The paid survey sites industry keeps growing all the time. There are more and more sites that offer you rewards for voicing your opinion. Having more options is a good thing, but at the same time, it is more difficult to make the right decision. Some great sites can be overlooked, while you can also waste your time joining mediocre ones, to put it mildly. Radial Insight survey site has been around since 2009. Yet, Radial Insight is not wildly popular or prominent as some other sites. On the other hand, it offers at least $3 per survey, which sounds like a great deal.

Today, I am going to examine the Radial Insight site and try to figure out what lies beneath the surface. While there’s no doubt that $3 per survey is a very generous offer, the site is not very well-known as one would expect. It either deserves more credits or it comes with some flaws that overshadow the good sides. So, let’s dive in and see.

Company Overview – Is Radial Insight Legit?

The company was established in 2009, and it is based in Arlington, Virginia. It is a public opinion and market research company. Their basic principle is the same as for most survey sites. They focus on quantitative rather than qualitative research. It means that they need a larger population sample to gather data and discover patterns. They sell their findings to third parties such as businesses, non-profits, or political groups. However, it is the model used by most of the survey sites and it tells us nothing about company reliability and honesty. Yet, in my extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that Radial Insight is a real and legitimate company

You can find most of these facts on their homepage. Alongside these common facts, they claim that they pay their members instantly. That is a promising clue that they mean business. Delayed payments are quite common in the industry and instant payments sound pretty alluring. And the best part is that you will know if they’re telling the truth as soon as you complete your first survey. Usually, it can take weeks or even months to figure out if the site is reliable. But, promise without delivery is worthless. So, let’s see how they operate and do they deliver on their promises.

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How It Works

Signing up is easy, free, and more or less common. You need to fill in some personal info and validate your account via email. The Radial Insight site is available for US citizens, 18+ only. This is a limitation, but it’s common for survey sites. Once you register, you are ready to take surveys.

Typically, you will receive two surveys back to back for starters. It’s a sort of booster to get you started. However, after that invitations are not as frequent as one would wish. On average, you will receive one invitation a week via email. You can opt to get notifications via SMS as well. They do claim that your opportunities would become a little bit more frequent over time. A typical survey takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Now comes the good part. While opportunities are rare they do pay very generously. For most surveys, you will earn $3, and occasionally you can earn up to $10 per survey! They also pay instantly, but I’ll get back to that a little bit later. 

Receipt Rewards Program

Besides surveys, there’s another way to accrue a couple of bucks. All panel members are eligible to participate in the Receipt Rewards program. You just need to install their browser extension that supports Chrome and Firefox at the moment. Then you have to submit receipts of your online purchases at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, Jet.com, Costco.com, and DollarGeneral.com. For each receipt you submit, you will earn 5 cents. It’s not too much, but you don’t have to do anything other than submitting receipts. Moreover, your Amazon and Walmart receipts will be automatically submitted to Radial Insight.

Payment Method and Earning Potential

As soon as you complete your first survey on Radial Insight you will receive Tango Card number and PIN. The Tango Card can be redeemed at more than 50 reputable retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Target, Starbucks, and many more. This is the only payment method. While the lack of cash option won’t make you happy, payments are instant and there’s no threshold. So, you can claim your reward in a matter of minutes if you want to.

As for earning potential, it’s sort of difficult to evaluate it. Rewards are valuable, $3 or more per survey is as good as it gets. However, one survey a week is not enough to accumulate a significant amount of money. What we have here is a fantastic pay rate, but not enough earning opportunities. The Receipt Rewards program might help a little bit. 

Pros of Radial Insight

  • Short, great paying surveys. $3 or more per 10 minutes or less is a great reward. It is way above the industry average. Surveys are easy to understand, usually shorter than 10 minutes, and they pay great. You couldn’t ask for a better deal, at least when it comes to paid surveys.
  • Almost no disqualifications. They seem to take profiling seriously. It is very rare not to qualify for surveys.
  • Instant payment and no threshold. You don’t have to track your surveys or worry about payment. You can cash out as soon as you complete the survey. This is a great feature that saves you from wondering if you’re ever going to reach the threshold or get your money.
  • Great customer support. This is rare for the industry. Nevertheless, it’s great to know that you can rely on them to fix any possible issues. Good customer service helps to establish a trustful relationship. 
  • Wide variety of gift cards. Actually, you only get the Tango Card. But, there’s a large list of retailers where you can convert your Tango Card. While I prefer cash, a wide choice of gift cards allows for freedom of choice.
  • The Receipt Rewards program is another nice addition. Having another way to accrue some money always feels good even if it’s not a lot.
  • What you see is what you get. Radial Insight is very transparent and they deliver on their promises. Everything works exactly as promised or even a little bit better. The lack of any kind of uncertainty or doubt is pretty refreshing and praiseworthy.

Cons of Radial Insight

  • No cash. Cash is the king when it comes to rewards. While there’s nothing wrong with a decent gift card selection, it would be much nicer to receive cash.
  • Not enough surveys. This is actually the major downside of Radial Insight. With an average of one survey a week, you won’t make a substantial amount of money any time soon. 


There are survey sites out there where you can make more money than on Radial Insight. Nonetheless, I am very impressed with this site. It should be a role model for other sites. They are responsible, reliable, and prompt to provide help if needed. They have short and interesting surveys, pay very well, and pay immediately. If only they could offer more opportunities, it would be a perfect survey site. 

I guess it’s obvious that I highly recommend joining the Radial Insight site. Even though you can’t earn too much, there’s no waste of time, no pending points or rewards, no frustrating disqualifications. Combine that with a very high paying rate and you have every reason to join. Of course, if you want to earn money that counts for something you will need to sign up to several survey sites. I would always prefer joining a couple of sites that pay well even if they don’t offer enough opportunities, rather than a vast amount of surveys for measly return. But, at the end of the day, it is your choice.