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If you are interested in online surveys, chances are you came across Reckner Opinions. It is yet another online survey platform that offers you to earn some money by voicing your opinion. Well, all survey sites offer this, but not all of them deliver on their promises. Today, I will thoroughly examine Reckner Opinions to give you an insight into the ways it works. At the end of this review, you will know all you need to know to evaluate this site. I will show you both sides of the coin so that you can know what to expect if you decide to join this site.  

What Is Reckner Opinions

Reckner Opinions is a market research company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Actually, I am not sure where the company is based, but they have offices in three towns across New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Exact addresses, phone numbers, and emails are easily available. That is more than enough to conclude that Reckner Opinions is legit.

A major goal of market research companies is to help companies and businesses to improve products and services. They do so by conducting research to gather data about consumer habits, opinions, and motivations. So, to get that info, market research companies need honest and reliable consumers. The best way to provide a steady, reliable number of consumers, or participants is to provide monetary incentives.

That’s the basic system for all survey sites, and this site too is no different. We can’t judge them by what they do, but how they do it. Offering decent opportunities and delivering on their promises – that’s what we need to check out.

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How Reckner Opinions Works

Reckner Opinions is a survey site, but they are a little bit specific. Other survey sites usually focus on quantitative research. That means generating extensive data and using it to calculate average opinions and patterns. On the other hand, Reckner Opinions focuses on qualitative research. Qualitative research focuses on smaller samples but explores deeper. It is less structured, but its goal is a deeper understanding of the topic.

But, what does it mean for you and me? It means fewer traditional surveys, but more focus groups, in-depth interviews, and testing products. As a final outcome, you will probably have fewer opportunities. However, these opportunities usually pay much better than simple surveys. 

Signing up is simple. You need to fill in some basic personal info and verify your registration through email. As soon as you register you are eligible for different surveys and studies. However, it can take a while before you receive your first offer. You will get the invitations via email. 

There are several kinds of studies. These include online surveys, medical surveys, focus groups, phone interviews, products tests, and taste tests. Moreover, there are three separate panel categories: consumer panel, healthcare panel, and PAH panel. The Consumer Panel is available for all members, while two other panels are limited to healthcare professionals. 

So, obviously, there are many different opportunities to earn money on this site. However, these opportunities are not very frequent. Moreover, only people who live in the vicinity of their offices can take part in in-person studies.

Payment on Reckner Opinions

As for money, you will receive detailed info in your invitations. It includes the duration of the study as well as your reward. It can vary a lot, but most of the studies are generously paid. When you complete the study, you will receive a Visa prepaid card. For online surveys, virtual cards are rewarded. 

Advantages of This Site

  • They pay really well. Most of the activities on this survey panel are highly rewarding. In-person focus groups are probably the best, but phone interviews, online surveys, testing and taste tests are all pretty lucrative. So, thumbs up for the most important feature.
  • Versatile tasks. It is more interesting to have a range of potential activities.
  • Fast payments. No one likes to wait for the money. Reckner Opinions is swift and prompt when it comes to payouts.
  • They are reliable. I couldn’t find a single complaint about late payments or any other payment issue. It seems like this panel delivers on its promises each and every time.

Disadvantages of This Site

  • Rare opportunities. Obviously, Reckner Opinions focuses on high-paying programs that require a smaller number of participants. As a consequence, opportunities are few and far between.
  • Screen outs. The invitation doesn’t mean you will earn money. For each study, you need to answer a couple of pre-qualifying questions to determine if you fit the profile. While this is understandable, it further decreases your chances to earn.
  • Geography limitations. They are more focused on in-person studies which makes it very hard to get an opportunity if you don’t live inside 2-hour drive range from their offices.

Conclusion About Reckner Opinions

Reckner Opinions is a legitimate survey site. Actually, it is quite great in many aspects. They are reliable, pay well, and fast. So, common concerns are not an issue here. It is really a great site, but unfortunately, it offers very limited opportunities. This survey panel is a great choice if you live near one of their three offices. If you are a healthcare professional it gets even better. But, if you live anywhere else, chances are you will get very few opportunities. So, it is a great site, but it is not so great for everyone. 

Because of this, it is hard for me to make a judgment. I wouldn’t put them on the top of my list because of the lack of opportunities. On the other hand, once you get the opportunity it works perfectly.

If you desire a steady income on survey sites, you can’t count on it with Reckner Opinions. However, I would recommend joining them. It is very rare to find a survey site that is so reliable and trustworthy. So, search for other sites to provide regular opportunities and income, but put Reckner Opinions into the mix. You can take surveys on other survey sites on a daily or weekly basis. And when you get an invitation from Reckner Opinions to take part in one of their tasks it will be a great bonus.

But, that’s just my opinion. Now you know all you need to know to make your own decision.