You’ve heard of survey sites that pay you for your feedback, and you’ve heard of cashback sites that reward you for shopping with their partners. But have you heard of a trusted site that offers both under the same account? You have now with Send Earnings. Keep reading our SendEarnings Review to find out more.

About Send Earnings

Send Earnings is a branch of InboxDollars, a hugely popular online rewards club that was founded in 2000 by Cotterweb Enterprises. They support the United States with InboxDollars and Send Earnings in addition to the United Kingdom through InboxPounds. Through these networks, they work with hundreds of major brands like Netflix, Groupon, Target, Walmart, and more to help their members earn rewards. They’ve been featured on talk shows, have TV ads, and are all over the internet, so you know they’re a trusted company.

Send Earnings works by connecting customers and companies together, acting as a referral for any sales or targeted actions that users perform. This can be making a purchase with a promotional code, watching an advertisement, signing up for a mailing list, and more. Send Earnings is paid for each action their members complete, and the members earn a portion of that commission that is credited to their account.

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Who Is It For?

Send Earnings is a multi-faceted service that appeals to a wide variety of internet users, though there are 2 primary user types that would benefit most from signing up.

Online shoppers are one of the primary target audiences. Those who are looking to make a purchase but want the biggest discount they can possibly earn either through coupons or cashback will enjoy the various retail offers available. You may get an exclusive 10% off the purchase, free shipping, or 5% cash back to your Send Earnings account just for using a referral code.

The other target audience is users looking to earn a little bit of extra income for short tasks or light work. The partners of Send Earnings will ask you to complete targeted tasks, such as completing surveys, downloading a game, or joining a mailing list for a small amount of pay. For just a few seconds of your time, you can start to rack up these rewards and, through a variety of offers, and earn some extra spending money.

Getting Started

Beginning with Send Earnings is quite simple. On the website, you’ll be greeted with a registration box that requires nothing more than an email address and password to create your account and get started. Simply create your login and continue to the user dashboard.

Once you’re on the dashboard, you’ll be presented with a collection of offers, surveys, tasks, and more that are all vying for your attention. However, the first step you’ll want to take is to complete the starter list, which earns you a free $0.50 bonus for completing it. This involves:

Activating your account

To earn the $5 bonus for registering, you’ll have to verify your email address. Simply click the email you receive, confirm your account, receive your bonus, and move on to the next task.

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Take a profile survey

In order to give you relevant offers, Send Earnings needs to know more about you. With a profile survey, you’ll be providing additional information about yourself as a consumer that tells brands what kind of market you represent. Some brands may want to target moms, students, or the elderly, so be sure to fill everything out accurately to receive the most relevant offers.

Make a web search

By using Send Earning’s web search tool as your new Google, you’ll earn rewards on the site. They will simply monitor your searches, collecting the data for potential advertisers.

Confirm your first paid email

Got an inbox full of spam? What if you could earn $0.01 per email you read? Send Earnings lets you do just that, and by acknowledging your first email offer, you’ll complete your starter list.

Once you complete these tasks, you’ll have earned your bonus, previewed what Send Earnings has to offer, and provided information to improve your offer eligibility.

The Process

Once you’ve gone through the “walkthrough” of Send Earnings, you’re ready to begin earning rewards. To do this, simply find a reward that interests you and click it to view more information. You can sort the offers you receive on your dashboard by choosing a category on the top (offers, surveys, games, videos, purchases, etc.) and then complete them as you wish. You can also complete additional surveys about yourself to further increase your offer eligibility and earn some small rewards.

Once you’ve found an offer that interests you, click the “earn $xx.xx” button for information on how to claim it, follow the instructions, and complete the offer. It’s that simple!

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Send Earnings has some pretty incredible rewards available for certain offers (though they usually ask a lot from you in return). You can earn anywhere from $0.01 for some surveys, searches, and PaidEmails, to $100 or more by completing tasks like signing up for a subscription service. The pay will vary by task, but you’ll know the reward before you begin, so you’ll be able to choose only those that are worth it to you.

After you receive the initial $5 bonus offer, you’ll need to earn an additional $25 in order to cash out at the minimum balance of $30. Once you do, you’ll be able to choose between a Visa Gift Card or a check sent to you. Payments can take 2 or more weeks to be processed though, so be patient.

Send Earnings vs. Other Sites

Compared to other sites that offer rewards for completing tasks or cash back for purchases, Send Earnings is a solid combination of the two. They offer surveys in addition to targeted tasks (unavailable on many survey sites) and cashback on purchases, all on a single dashboard. This makes it easier to meet cash out minimums, and the ability to get a check mailed to you makes it convenient to spend your earned money.


Overall, Send Earnings (like its sister companies) is a multi-faceted online rewards club that gives members the ability to earn extra cash and rewards in a variety of ways. Whether you’re completing tasks, making a purchase, or answering a survey, Send Earnings likely supports your preferred earning method.