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Taking surveys is probably one of the easiest ways to earn a couple of extra bucks. But, it can be even easier if you join some get-paid-to sites. You can earn money by watching videos, listening to music, playing games, browsing the internet, and many more similar activities. Some of them would pay you literally to do nothing more but installing their app. Small Business Knowledge Center took it one step further. They will reward you for sending them your junk mail! 

If you’re suspicious or having some doubts, welcome to the club. It does sound crazy and impossible. But, the idea to turn dreaded spam into something useful is enough for me to take a closer look at this site. What is the worst thing about the internet? I believe that 90% of people would say without hesitation that it is junk mail.

You can choose what you do on the web, you can avoid almost all other inappropriate and unwanted contents. But, you can’t hide from email spam. If these guys really pay anything just to forward them your junk mail, it might be a good deal. Even if you can’t beat spammers you can get the last laugh. So, let’s get started and find out if this is a good opportunity.

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What Is Small Business Knowledge Center

Small Business Knowledge Center or SBKC is based in Chicago, IL. It is a market research company like most other companies that run online survey panels. They work with thousands of panelists across the US. On Small Business Knowledge Center site, you can find several email addresses and a phone number for any kind of inquiry. While it is not a huge and highly recognized company, it is safe to say that it is legit. The idea of paying for somebody’s junk mail sounds ridiculous, companies use this data to conduct competition and product development research. So, let’s see how Small Business Knowledge Center works.

How Small Business Knowledge Center Works

If you decide to join this site you will be offered to choose from two panels they run. They call them Consumer Panel and Producer Panel. If you are just a consumer or you own a small business or you are self-employed, you are eligible for the consumer panel. The producer panel is meant for producers, financial advisors, and insurance agents.

Basically, everyone can join one or another panel. The registration process on Small Business Knowledge Center is short and simple. However, they accept a limited number of new members, so you’ll either be accepted or they may put you on the waiting list. I couldn’t determine how long the waiting can be. 

Consumer Panel

If you register successfully, it’s time to make some money for your junk mail and email. Yes, Small Business Knowledge Center will pay you for your direct junk mail as well. You will receive pre-paid postage envelopes to send them direct mail.

However, you will have to sift through your mail and email, because they require specific spam. But don’t get discouraged. They accept almost everything you may receive. You will get a list of topics they’re interested in. It includes:

  • Insurance
  • Investments and annuities
  • Mortgage and loans
  • Food and beverage
  • Home furnishings and office supplies
  • Stores
  • Banking and credit cards
  • Beauty products
  • Sporting supplies
  • Travel
  • Apparel and jewelry
  • Auto parts
  • Pet food and accessories

And this is just part of the list. So, it covers pretty much all unwanted mail and email. Your job is to send them your direct mail about once. As for junk email, you can forward it whenever you find it convenient. The more you send the more you’ll earn. And that’s not all. Occasionally, you will receive bonus mystery shopping offers. Also, referring a friend to Small Business Knowledge Center will earn you some points.

If you are self-employed or own a business, you will receive some extra points to accumulate money quicker.

Producer Panel

As for the producer panel, it works more or less the same as the consumer panel. The only difference is that it covers a smaller range of topics related to insurance, investments, and retirements. They didn’t specify how you will be compensated if you join the producer panel. You can find a contact phone and email on several places on their website.

Anyway, I believe that it’s the same or very similar to paying methods for the consumer panel. As I have already said these panels are almost the same except for the mail and email topics.

How Much You Can Earn

I can’t give you a precise answer, but this is how it goes. For each mail or email, you send to Small Business Knowledge Center you will earn a certain amount of points. The number of points depends on email/mail type and your status. You need to earn 2,000 points to claim your reward. You can redeem your points for a $20 Visa gift card. It is a pretty high threshold and we still don’t know how much you earn per email/mail due to the complicated rating system. SBKC claims that: “Frequent participants can earn as much as $20 in points every 6 to 10 weeks!” Or even faster if you own a business or you’re self-employed. 

So, now we know. It takes about two months to earn $20. There are ways to accelerate the process though. Including your household or referring friends will increase your earnings. 

Pros of Small Business Knowledge Center

  • Junk mail will earn you some money. It’s not like turning stones into gold, but it’s a brilliant idea that works for everyone.
  • It is simple and easy. You don’t have to do anything other than sending your spam. No invitations, no timelines, no disqualifications or any other potentially annoying obstacles.
  • You can send them your household members’ junk mail/email as well. That way you increase your earning potential. Your household members have to give you a written permission to do this, though.

Cons of This Panel

There are no major disadvantages here, but there is room for some improvements.

  • The $20 threshold is rather high. It’s not a big deal, but if you don’t have tons of spam it might take a while to accrue enough points to cash out.
  • Accepting a limited number of new members. Sometimes, it gets crowded, so you might be placed onto a waiting list when you apply for membership. However, while waiting for admission you might receive survey or mystery shopper offers.

Conclusion About Small Business Knowledge Center

I have to say that this whole idea about Small Business Knowledge Center is refreshing and cool. It won’t substantially improve your finances, but, hey, you’re just sending them your junk mail! I hate spam so much, so I have to say I like this offer very much. It’s not like you should hope for more spam to earn a little bit more, but I can imagine the smile on your face when you cash out for the first time, just for forwarding your junk mail.

The most important thing is that this is a legit and reliable panel. They deliver on their promises, and you will get your rewards for your ‘effort’. Even though the earning potential is not huge, it’s easy and sweet money. It is not time-consuming, so you can easily combine it with other survey panels. So, now you know all you need to know about Small Business Knowledge Center, and the final decision is yours.