Is it smart to sign up for Smart Panel? Every day we hear about some new way to make some easy money online. There are plenty of sites that will offer you money for taking surveys, online shopping, playing video games, testing new online products and many other online activities. We live in a world of constant change. Things that seemed impossible just a couple of years ago have become common and regular, today. These days, apparently, it is possible to earn some extra bucks by doing very little.

Smart Panel has an offer that seems hard to resist. If you sign up and qualify, they will pay you and you don’t have to do anything else. All you have to do is to install the Smart Panel application on your smartphone or any other device that can connect to the internet. After that, you can continue your life and daily routines like nothing happened except you’ll get paid a little bit every month.

But, is it really as good as it looks? What is the catch? Is it a legitimate opportunity or a scam? I will break it down for you in this detailed Smart Panel review, so that you can decide for yourself what would be a smart choice.

What is Smart Panel and What Do They Do?

Smart Panel is an application designed to collect data about consumers internet activities. When you install the app it will track and record everything you do online. A company that has created the application sells that information to businesses in order to help them to analyze consumers habits. Since companies pay them for their services they can afford to pay you a small amount of money for your contribution.

They are perfectly legit and clear about their intentions. There is no hidden agenda and it is completely up to you to decide if you want to take part. However, it is a bit creepy to think that someone can surveil every virtual step you take. On the other hand, it is alluring to earn some extra money without any effort.

Smart Panel page preview

How Does It Work

If you decide to join in, the procedure is quite simple. You can visit the Smart Panel website and sign up for an account. After the registration, you will answer a short survey that will take no more than 5 minutes. Your answers will help them to categorize you and decide if you are an adequate participant. In other words, it will determine if you qualify or not. If you pass this stage successfully, you will be able to download the application on your device. The application will run in the background and do its job, while you will start making money.

How Much Money Can You Get

While it is possible to make some easy money online, there’s no such thing as easy big money. So-called ‘passive income’ that is so popular these days won’t make you rich. Actually, you can’t even earn a regular wage. But, many people find it appealing to make a few more bucks doing things that they do for fun anyway. It is the same with the Smart Panel. You watch YouTube, spend time on Facebook, surf the internet or whatever you like to do online and Smart Panel review pays you for it.

So let’s see the rewards.

  • You will get a $5 sign up bonus for starters.
  • Installing the app on your devices will earn you another $5.
  • As long as you keep the app installed and running you will get $5 each month.
  • Smart Panel appreciates loyalty so you can earn a $10 loyalty bonus every three months.
  • As long as your devices are active you will be eligible for monthly prize drawing.
  • Sometimes you might receive survey invitations via email. Answering surveys will get you money or gift cards.

Altogether without surveys, you will make $100 a year doing nothing. You have to spend a full month with the app running before redeeming your rewards. All transfers go via PayPal.

Is It Safe?

When it comes to legitimacy, it is absolutely safe. However, many people are concerned about privacy. This one is a little bit tricky. They use your personal information only to send you money and notices, and the data they collect doesn’t have to be personalized. While Smart Panel guarantees that your data is collected anonymously, it is still not easy to feel secure. But, the privacy, or a lack of it, is becoming a great issue of life in the 21st century, let alone internet activities. I would say that it is most likely that they do as they say.

Are you absolutely protected? Well, that train is long gone. Some level of vulnerability exists from the moment you connect with the internet.

What Do the Users Say?

It is quite clear how this works in theory. Apart from the privacy issue, it looks like a pretty good deal doesn’t it? But, how does it work out in real life? What are the experiences of their users? It seems like there’s no middle ground. Most of the users’ reviews are either very positive or very negative. When it comes to negative reviews, the commonplace is being discontent with customer service. Many users reported technical glitches caused by the app, such as slowing down smartphones, messing up other apps and programs, slowing down your internet connection. Smart Panel denies possibilities of slowing down either your devices or the internet.

Some of the users had problems to cash out. This is worth mentioning as your SmartApp has to be running all the time. If it stops working for any reason you will not get any money for that month, and you will lose your loyalty bonus. Also, if you have more than one device with the app all of your devices must run the app 24/7 or you won’t get paid. So, obviously, there can be some hassle down the road.

The Verdict

Usually, when I gather enough information I don’t have a problem to make a decision. I must admit I’m not sure what is the smart choice about Smart Panel. It is not a scam – that much we understood. It is legit and real, but is it a good opportunity?

Some members enjoy pocketing some extra money for doing nothing and experience no trouble. However, when problems emerge, it can turn out to be quite a hassle. When this happens it is just not worth it. You don’t want to worry and spend your time fixing problems over a couple of dollars a month. It looks like luck has a part in deciding whether it will be flawless or troubling. And maybe there lies the answer.

In the end, since it is easy to join in I would recommend to try it for a while. If you don’t experience any problems and it goes smoothly, you’ll get your easy money. Otherwise, if things go wrong, you can always uninstall the app and save your time and energy.