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Working from home is convenient, isn’t it? But, it is still a job. What if someone offered you to make some money from home, while all you have to do is voice your opinion? This is what Survey Club offers you. Actually, this is a standard offer of survey panels or paid survey sites. It is absolutely legal and it is possible. You can’t quit your job or make a fortune on these sites, but you can earn some extra bucks for completing surveys.

However, there is a flip side to it. There are sites that will reward your effort, but some others will try to scam you. While legit and trustworthy sites operate in very similar ways, fraudulent sites have different ways to scam you. Some of them will try to get your money, while others will use data that you provide without paying you as promised. The problem with the later is that they are usually legit. They try to take advantage of you by setting numerous obstacles to prevent you from getting your money. Most of the people get frustrated and give up on their own. Oh, and there is a third kind: sites that want to get your email address and personal info to sell it to third parties.

So, it’s a jungle out there. It is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. It takes time and research. But, we are here to help you out in the process. In this one of the Survey Club reviews, we will dig deep to see where does Survey Club belong. We will show you their good side and the bad side, so you can judge it on your own.

What Is It

Survey Club is a survey site. Survey sites are usually owned by market research companies. They collect consumer data and pass it on to third parties. Third parties are all kinds of companies that find it valuable to know consumer’s opinion in order to improve products, services, or marketing. Basically, survey sites are a middleman between consumers and companies.

However, Survey Club is not a market research company. They are strictly a survey company, and they provide surveys through other survey sites. These sites are called survey aggregators. What does that mean, anyway? To make it simple, they are a middleman of a middleman. It is a four-step business. You join survey aggregator platform. They redirect you to various survey sites. Survey sites sell data to companies. If you wonder where does money come from, companies pay survey sites, survey sites share the profit with survey aggregator sites and they share their profit with you.

So, what’s the point, why not skip the second middleman and join ‘normal’ sites instead? This is a good question. Obviously, the more middlemen the less money to share. The only advantage of these sites is that you don’t have to log in to dozens of sites to search for surveys. You have all offers on a host site. These are general facts, but it can all refer to Survey Club.

On the bright side, Survey Club is legit. It has offices in several cities across the US and I haven’t found anyone questioning their legitimacy. They are in business since 2005, and that is a positive sign as well.

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How It Works

First, you have to register. It is a pretty quick procedure. You have to fill in some basic info like email address and your name. A couple of personal questions will help the site to make your profile in order to match you with fitting surveys. After that, you can start taking surveys. There are two ways to take surveys. You will receive invitations via email, or you can search for available surveys on the Study List on the site. However, this list is basically a list of links to other sites. There, you have to go through the sign-up process all over again.

So, I would recommend prioritizing emailed surveys. It is a better chance to qualify for these surveys, too. I didn’t mention but each and every survey will have some pre-qualifying questions. However, you will receive $0.10 for surveys that you don’t qualify for.

Besides surveys, you can earn money by participating in focus groups. This is actually very profitable, but these opportunities are very rare if any. The number of participants is always limited and it usually targets very specific groups. So, I wouldn’t count on these beforehand, but if you qualify for it, don’t hesitate and take it.

When you accumulate $20, which is a payment threshold, you can withdraw your money. PayPal is the most usual options, but you can choose a check or Amazon gift card instead. Either way, it would take a couple of weeks to get the money.


  • All offers in one place. If you have plenty of time for surveys it is pretty convenient to have one place with a lot of offers.
  • You get paid even if you get screened out. $0.20 is not a lot, but it is a sign that the site appreciates your time and your membership.
  • Focus groups can be a great bonus. While you can’t be sure that you’ll ever qualify for these events, if you do, you might get some great rewards. Usually, focus groups pay between $20 and $200.
  • Good customer support. Survey sites usually have awful customer service. If you have myriads of members it is almost impossible to provide adequate assistance. So, thumbs up for this.


  • Redirecting to other sites. This can be frustrating, as you have to join these sites if you want to take the survey you’ve been offered. However, you can avoid this by taking surveys that you receive via email, only.
  • Disqualifying rates are high. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this. This is the common downside in the industry overall.
  • Spam alert! If you join this site be ready to see your inbox flooded with emails. That is quite annoying, but once again there is a way to avoid inconvenience. Create another email address for surveys only.


Survey Club is absolutely legit. And you can earn some money there. They pay their members, so there are no issues there. However, the process of earning money can be frustrating. Redirecting to other panels is the most common complaint of the members. If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with redirecting as long as you don’t have to sign up there, too, and you get your survey to complete. But, it is not the case here except for surveys that you get via email. I can’t see the reason why would they encourage you to sign up with other sites unless they earn some commission for it. But, in that case, why would you use a middleman instead of joining another site directly.

However, you can stick to emailed surveys and forget about the rest. If your demographics aren’t in demand it may take some time to reach $20, though. Anyhow, Survey Club is accurate when it comes to payments.

In my opinion, there are better sites out there. Spam emails and encouragement to join other sites can be deal-breakers. Apart from that Survey Club is a good site. If you don’t mind these shortcomings you can give it a try. In the best scenario, you’ll be happy, and at worst, you’ll only lose some time.