online survey concept on a blackboard Do you like taking surveys? If you do, Survey Rewardz is one of many survey sites that offer you a reward for voicing your opinion. It is a nice and easy way to earn a couple of extra bucks. Taking surveys is fun and getting paid for it looks almost unreal. But, it is for real. Millions of people around the world are members of survey panels, and they earn some money. It is a very small amount of money, though. But, so is the effort. So, it is possible to have fun and earn a couple of dollars in the process. The only problem is to choose sites that will keep their side of the bargain. The popularity of online surveys attracts some scammers as well. Also, there are legit sites that will only waste your time. 

So, the question is how to avoid scams and choose the best survey sites? Well, there are two ways. You can do extensive research on sites that you heard of. Or, you can read unbiased and honest reviews like this one. Today I will take a closer look at Survey Rewardz and try to find out if it is a good opportunity to make some extra cash. survey rewardz homepage preview

What Is Survey Rewardz?

Survey Rewardz is an online panel owned by Points2Shop. Points2Shop is a market research company based in Alpharetta, GA. Beside Survey Rewardz they run two other similar programs, Points2Shop and YourSurveys. While it is by no means a large company, it is legit. It operates since 2007, while Survey Rewardz has started in 2014. Being legit is usually a good start, but I came across a red flag right away.  Neither Survey Rewardz nor Points2Shop is accredited by Better Business Bureau. They hold an A+ and A- ratings respectively. However, despite the A+ rating, Survey Rewardz is red-flagged for a pattern of complaints. So, we start with some contradicting clues. But, let’s not jump to conclusions. Let’s continue to learn more about SurveyRewardz.

How Survey Rewardz Works

The registration on SurveyRewardz is free and simple. You can use your email or Facebook account. When you create an account you will be asked a couple of profiling questions and that’s it. You can proceed and start earning some money.  The basic principle is simple. There are no various activities, only surveys. You can look for available surveys on your dashboard. I like this part: keeping things simple is a good thing. Also, there are many available surveys almost all the time. Many good survey sites offer a limited number of surveys. With Survey Rewardz you won’t have to wait for opportunities. But, numerous opportunities don’t guarantee reward. Each survey has some prequalifying questions, and you will be disqualified more often than not. And that is all there is.

How Much Can I Earn

Surveys on Survey Rewardz usually last around 15 minutes and you can earn anywhere from a couple of cents to $10. But, most of them will pay less than $0.50. It is hard to calculate an exact pay rate but it is below the average. However, lots of available surveys should make up for that. Besides surveys, you can earn through referral program as well. As soon as your referral earns $3 you will be rewarded $3. In addition, you will keep getting 15% of your referrals’ earnings for as long as they are active on SurveyRewardz. You can have an unlimited number of referrals.

Payment Methods

You can cash out as soon as you have a $1 on your Survey-Rewardz account. That’s really cool because many survey sites have high thresholds that are hard to reach. Here, you can cash out via PayPal virtually as soon as you earn anything. Gift cards from Amazon and Visa start from $5. Mailed check and Dwolla are other available options. However, some of these options include payout fees, which is sort of ridiculous. For example, if you cash out via PayPal, there is a $0.10 fee for payments under $10 and no fee for $10+ payments. These fees are really small but also unnecessary.


  • Frequent surveys. Actually, frequent is a bit of an understatement. You can find almost as many surveys as you want, so this is a big pro.
  • Very low payment threshold. Just $1 for cash and $5 for gift cards is as low as it gets. 
  • Generous referral program. $3 for starters and 15% of your referrals’ lifelong earnings are a nice addition to your own earnings.


  • High disqualifying rate. Well, this should depend on your demographics, so you might get lucky. Anyway, a lot of users complained that they have a lot of difficulties to qualify.
  • Low pay. Since most of the surveys direct you to other panels, the pay rate is below the average.
  • Cash-out and blocking the account issues. This is a game-changer. A vast number of users complained that they couldn’t cash out. And the problem was often resolved by blocking the users account for various reasons. While some of the complaints may be unsubstantiated, there are way too many of these to be dismissed easily.

Final Thoughts

Survey Rewardz is a legitimate survey site. When you see how it works there are way more good sides than bad sides. Having said that, I still wouldn’t recommend it. In my opinion, it is not a reliable and trustworthy panel. I might be wrong, but the truth is that it all comes down to one thing – payment. A huge number of users complained about payment issues. So, everything else can be perfect but if you can’t get your money it counts for nothing.

Furthermore, the same pattern of complaints is repeated with two other panels (Points2Shop and YourSurveys) owned by Points2Shop. Still, some of the good sides like plenty of surveys and low threshold are appealing. Low threshold allows you to test them without losing too much time. You can try it for a couple of days and as soon as you reach the threshold try to cash out. Keep your expectations low, and maybe you’ll end up on the good side.