The Internet has changed our way of life. You can do almost anything on the internet, but can you make some easy money? Of course, you can. Possibilities are almost limitless. You can find freelance jobs, start websites, blogs and many other opportunities, but they all require you to work. Survey Voices is a site that promises you easy money. Can they deliver?

Many companies will pay you to get the information that they find valuable. So, you can take surveys, watch videos, even play video games and get paid for it. It is not a substantial amount of money, but how much are you earning at the moment, while researching the internet, watching YouTube videos, or playing online games? You definitely can make money online, so let’s see if Survey Voices is a good choice to start with.

First of all, Survey Voices is not a paid survey site. As their site says, they want to be the best-paid survey aggregator. What does this mean? It means that they don’t have any surveys of their own. They serve as a middleman to connect you to paid survey sites. Why on earth, would you need a middleman to join survey sites?

Well, Survey Voices will save your time by doing research instead of you. With so many paid survey sites available it can be a nightmare to figure out which ones are legit, let alone a good opportunity. Survey Voices allows you to have all survey sites in one place and will help you to choose the best opportunity. Or at least they say so. Continue reading this Survey Voices review to find out more.

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Survey Voices Reviews –  What Do They Do?

Survey Voices is an online platform that connects its users with paid survey site. They are not marketing research company like most of the survey sites. They don’t gather information, they just direct you to sites that will allow you to take surveys and will pay you for that. Oh, that is if you qualify. And if they are genuine survey sites and not scams. Survey Voices promises more than $300 in your first week.

Survey Voices present themselves as the best-paid surveys aggregator. They do research for you in order to find the best sites with the best earning opportunities. All they ask in return is your email, your address, and your phone number. So, what’s in it for them you may ask yourself? Well, when you are directed to survey sites, they probably pay a small commission to Survey Voices. It is absolutely legal and it is called affiliate marketing. Or they can sell your personal information to a third party.

Do They Keep Their Promises?

Let’s go back to those $300 in a week. This is really a red flag. While it is not entirely impossible, it is highly unlikely. I have never heard of someone making that kind of money from surveys in less than a month. Most of the survey sites pay less than a $1 per 15-20 minute survey. And a number of surveys are limited. So, do the math.

While it is almost impossible to earn that much, you can earn some. I am sure that some people have made a few extra bucks through Survey Voices review as they do connect you with SOME legitimate and proven survey sites. And here lies the problem. Some sites listed on their platform are outright scams, others are a waste of time, so you can’t really know beforehand.

Survey Voices claim that they thoroughly vet survey companies. It doesn’t look like they do. However, they don’t guarantee that the sites on their list are legit. They just claim that they are ‘thoroughly vetted’. We can play games with words but it is obvious that they don’t deliver on their promises. Or they do, sometimes. While they are legit and their business is not a scam, they are not reliable.

Is It a Waste of Time?

The only certain thing that you will get out of the deal with SurveyVoices is your email flooded with spam. And maybe phone harassment from different marketing companies. In my opinion, it is a waste of time and all you can get from them is easy to get anyway.

You can find dozens of lists of top ten or top five paid survey sites in no time such as Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks (scroll up to see my 5 cents). All these sites are legitimate and proven. Even if you want to dig deeper and double check, you will do it only once for each site you’re interested in. Once you verified it is safe you don’t have to do it again. When it comes to money, even the small amounts, it is a reasonable effort.


Survey Voices is not a scam, but it is walking on thin ice. While they are legit, some of the sites on their list are unreliable to say the least. Services that they offer make sense only if the sites on their list are 100% safe and legit. If they manage to avoid those dubious sites they might become helpful. As of now, I don’t see a single reason why would anyone exchange own personal information for unreliable links and directions. It is just not worth it.