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Paid survey sites are very popular these days. And why wouldn’t they be? You can take surveys from the comfort of your couch and even earn some extra cash. So, having some fun and earning a couple of dollars in the process is appealing. Assuming that you like taking surveys, of course.

These are the main reasons why people join survey sites. But, there are a couple of more incentives apart from money and fun. Voicing your opinion gives you a feeling that you are contributing to improving products or services or whatever. Well, actually you are contributing. It is a small share, but it’s still a contribution. SurveyMonkey Contribute is a survey site created for this specific group: people who want to contribute regardless of potential gain or lack of it.

So, what’s the point you may ask? There are zillions of surveys on the internet that you can take without signing-up or any other procedure. Well, SurveyMonkey Contribute offers you to contribute more. For each completed survey you will be rewarded $0.50 to help charities and other non-profit organizations.

If you like taking surveys and wish to help different charities, this can be a great way to do so. You don’t have to spend your own money, you just need to take surveys and choose a charity to help.

Overview of Surveymonkey Contribute

SurveyMonkey Contribute is an online survey platform introduced by its parent company – SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey is one of the most reputable online survey platforms. It operates since 1999. It is accredited by Better Business Bureau since 2004 and holds an A+ rating. So, obviously, legitimacy is not an issue here. SurveyMonkey has a great reputation and a long history in the market research industry.

This means that you don’t have to be afraid or cautious. If you like the idea of taking surveys and redirecting the money you earn to charity, this is the right place for you. By the way, if you sign up for a an account, you will automatically get a SurveyMonkey account as well.

SurveyMonkey Contribute is quite unique and unlike any other survey site. While there are several sites out there with a donation option, I didn’t come across any of them without any other options. In other words, this website is a research panel for altruists. All of your earnings can be used for donations only. There is a possible prize for you, though. You will win entries for sweepstakes. 

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How It Works

Apart from the unique reward system, where you actually give up your reward, SurveyMonkey Contribute operates like any other legit survey site. For starters, you have to sign up. It’s a short procedure where you have to enter your name, email address and basic personal info for profiling. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and you are ready to go.

You can find a ‘take a survey’ button on your dashboard and that’s the most usual way to take surveys. You may get email notifications or even text message invitations. However, these are optional, you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time to start or stop receiving these invitations. All surveys are worth $0.50. Before you start, you will see how much you’ll ‘earn’, and that you will get a sweepstakes entry. Also, it is stated to which charity the money will go. 

There is always a default charity, but you can change it whenever you want and choose a charity to your liking. You can also recommend charities and non-profit organizations to participate in their program.

Oh, I almost forgot, some surveys will have a couple of screening questions to check out if you match desired profile. However, you won’t get screened out too often. If there are no available surveys for you, you might get a couple of additional profiling questions. This should allow them to find surveys that match your profile better. 

So, basically, you take surveys, $0.50 goes to charity and you win an entry to spin a wheel game. When you take the survey you will be notified what is the prize of the sweepstakes.


  • You are officially a philanthropist. By taking surveys on this site you are helping a community, charities and other non-profit organizations. It feels good to enjoy taking a survey while helping your chosen charity at the same time.
  • Low disqualifying rate. Disqualifications make the top of my list of annoying things on survey sites. With this panel, it won’t happen often. So, you can relax and have fun while taking your surveys.
  • You can choose your charity. Sort of. You can’t choose any charity. It has to participate in SurveyMonkey Contribute program. However, more than 70 organizations are participating in the program so you have a lot of options.
  • Recommend a charity. The site is expanding this program every now and then, so you can suggest charities that you like to enter the program. 
  • Donation summary. On your My Account page, you can see how much money you have donated so far, and to whom it went.


In my humble opinion, there are no cons here. One could argue that you can’t earn any money, but this survey site is not meant to provide rewards for you. If you want to make a couple of extra bucks there are myriads of paid survey sites out there. Also, by joining this site you gain access to regular SurveyMonkey panel where you can earn some money. 

Some users have complained that they have been receiving a lot of junk emails. That is a possible downside, but you can take care of it in your settings by turning off all of the notifications.


SurveyMonkey Contribute is a sort of extension of the well-known SurveyMonkey website. It is created with a specific idea to help the community and charities. So, it can’t be judged the same way as other survey sites. For starters, it is absolutely legit and trustworthy. Is it a good opportunity? Well, that’s the wrong question.

If you want to join survey sites to pocket some extra cash, this site is not for you. You will not get any money here. Even the SpintoWin game is more for fun than anything else. I mean, you can win some prizes, but you can’t really count on it, because it might never happen.

This place is a site for people that like to take surveys for fun. And here you can make that fun meaningful. Of course, your contribution is really small, but it is still a contribution.