Univox is yet another paid survey site. Survey sites are a pretty popular way to earn some extra money online. And it makes sense. Taking surveys can be fun, and all you need to do is to give honest answers. Usually, it is not time-consuming. So, basically, you earn money for having fun. It is not a lot of money, but it is almost effortless. Even though there’s just a small amount of money to earn, it still looks too good to be true. There must be a catch. The truth is there is no catch. Good and reliable sites will deliver on their promises.

Third parties pay these sites a lot of money for the valuable info on consumer habits and preferences because it allows them to improve business and create efficient selling strategies. Survey sites pass on the portion of the money they earn to panel members. So it is a healthy and sustainable system.

However, because it is simple and appealing, the industry also attracts a lot of frauds and con artists. There is also a grey zone. Some legit companies, usually very small ones, create survey websites and offer the same things as trustworthy sites. But, they don’t intend to pay you. There are many ways to maintain a legit appearance while avoiding to pay the members. So, the only problem with survey sites is how to separate legit and reliable ones from the rotten apples.

This is where we come in. Our thorough reviews provide insight into the survey site business to help you make a wise choice. So, let’s see what is Univox all about.

Basic Info on Univox

Univox is a survey site owned and operated by Market Cube an international market research company. It was launched in 2009 and has over 3 million members. So, we can rule out the outright scam possibility. Obviously, there is a real company behind the site with a huge number of users. They are legit, so we can move on to dig deeper.

Univox offers you to take surveys and earn money in return. There are no other activities or offers, it is all about surveys. I like when things are simple because it is easier to figure out both good sides and bad sides of the business.

univox homepage preview

How It Works

Registration to Univox

Firstly, you have to register to Univox. It is free and you just have to be at least 18 years old. You will have to provide some personal info. This questionnaire is a bit longer and more personal in comparison to other survey sites. Besides basic info, you will be asked about your shopping habits, which car do you drive and a few more similar questions. While some people think it invades privacy, for me this is OK. If you join survey site you will have to share some private info anyway. And this questionnaire should provide them the info to match you with surveys and have a better chance to qualify. The site has a privacy policy which means that all of your data is protected. Eventually, it is up to you to decide.

Surveys and Rewards

Once you’ve done this you can start taking surveys on Univox. There is a welcome bonus worth $2 just for signing up.  Surveys can vary in length a lot, but most of them take 10 to 20 minutes. You will receive points for every completed survey. The point system is simple, 100 points equates to $1. A typical 10  to 20 minutes survey will get you between 50 and 200 points. For the survey site, this is a decent pay rate.

You will get an invitation for surveys that fit your profile on Univox. However, you won’t qualify for all of them. Actually, some members have very low qualifying rates. To try to avoid this your profile should be up to date. That’s the recommendation of Univox, anyway. If you don’t qualify after 10 minutes of answering questions, it can be quite frustrating, and this can be a major downside. But, there is a good side to it. You will receive 5 points whenever you get screened out.


You can redeem your points for cash or gift cards as soon as you reach 2,500 points. It is a pretty high redemption threshold. However, they do rank members according to the number of surveys taken. As you move up the four-level membership ranks the threshold will lower to a minimum of 1,000 points or $10.

You can redeem your points for Amazon e-gift card, Virtual Mastercard, Tango gift cards or for cash via PayPal.

Referral Program

You can refer a friend or family member to Univox. Once they complete the first survey, or they get screened out 10 times you will receive 100 points. You can refer up to 5 people, so it is a way to earn $5 extra.


  • Pay rate – While some people complain about low pay rates it is unrealistic. Anything above 0.50$ for the 15-minute survey is a good payout for the survey industry. So, if you qualify for surveys regularly this is a good earning.
  • Disqualification bonus – 5 points is not really a lot, but it is a sort of consolation prize. Many sites don’t pay anything when you get screened out.
  • Referral program – Any bonus is welcomed.


  • Disqualifications – Disqualifying rates are quite high, according to many members, so this is a major issue with this site. If you get screened out occasionally, 5 points will do. But if you get disqualified over and over again it is a waste of time. Not to mention spoiling all the fun.
  • Technical glitches – Many members complained about technical problems. This can be frustrating.
  • Customer support – Technical glitches wouldn’t be such a big deal if you could get support. Unfortunately, customer service often doesn’t respond, or responses are generic and long time overdue.


Univox is a legit survey site there is no doubt about it. However, too many members find them unreliable. To be fair, there are some happy members as well. But, I came across many members that use to be happy, but lost their faith in this site. On the other hand, unhappy users stay unhappy and leave.

The issues with this site are hard to judge. Maybe they will resolve them and improve, maybe they won’t. I think there are many better and proven sites out there. If you still want to give Univox a try, lower your expectations and maybe you’ll get lucky.