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Taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn a couple of extra bucks. It’s an easy and even fun activity, and you get paid for it. Of course, you need to choose verified and reliable survey sites. But, what if someone told you there was a way to earn some money doing nothing other than visiting popular sites such as Amazon, Facebook or YouTube?

That’s exactly what UpVoice offers you. We are not talking about big money, though. It’s only about $75 a year. But, why wouldn’t you collect that money if it requires zero effort? If it smells fishy to you, keep reading this article to get all of the answers about UpVoice. I have thoroughly examined how UpVoice works. 

Is UpVoice Legit?

This is always the first question to ask about get-paid-to and survey panels. Sometimes, my research ends there, if the answer is negative. Fortunately, it is not the case here for UpVoice. UpVoice is a relatively new platform run by BrandTotal. It is a market research company that focuses on new and innovative ways to conduct market research. Any data that they collect are aggregated, non-identifiable, and anonymized. Furthermore, they have a couple of reputable privacy certificates.

While you can never be 100% sure about any company’s intentions, it is obvious that this company is legit. UpVoice seems to take safety and privacy very seriously. So, you can rest assured that they are on the safer side when it comes to privacy and security of online add-ons and extensions.

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How to Join UpVoice

To become an UpVoice panelist, you must meet some requirements. You need to have a Facebook account and be using a Chrome browser. Furthermore, only US citizens at least 18 years old are eligible to join UpVoice. Apart from age and citizenship, basically, anyone is allowed to join. You can sign up with your Facebook account. Then, you’ll have to fill in a short registration that requires just your very basic personal info. Once you’re accepted, you’ll need to install their Chrome extension.

This extension is the core of this program. It won’t impact your browser speed or performance. It will just run in the background and collect the adds that target you. So, make sure to turn off your adblocker. Also, pay attention and stay logged in to allow the extension to monitor your activities.

Earning Potential

Now, you are ready to make some money. You will receive a signup bonus as soon as you register. It equals $5 which means that 60 tokens are worth $1. After that, you will earn 10 tokens every day that you visit one or more of the participating sites. If you think it’s a nuisance check out the list of participating sites. These are Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedln. If you’re not visiting at least one of these sites every day, you probably don’t have internet! The point is that you can do whatever you generally do online and you’ll earn some money for it. There are no further requirements. If you miss a day or more, you just won’t get tokens for those particular days. 

You will also receive bonus tokens for your loyalty, over time. When you accrue 2100 tokens, you will get additional 240 tokens. I didn’t really figure out the bonus-tokens formula, but it adds up, anyway. If you visit one of these sites every day you should end up with $75 in your pocket, in your first year.

Payout Options

To redeem your rewards you need to accumulate 600 tokens. Unfortunately, cash is not an option. But, you can redeem your points for a wide selection of gift cards including Amazon, prepaid Visa, Adidas, Nike, iTunes, AMC Theatres, American Eagle, Starbucks and many more. 

About Privacy and Protection

You may have worries about your privacy on UpVoice, with a tool monitoring your online habits. Truth be told, you can never be 100% sure that your privacy is secured. While legit companies make a lot of effort to make their sites, software, and extensions as safe as possible, hackers are always searching for ways to compromise it. It is a never-ending race

As for UpVoice, they use the highest standards to provide security and they comply with all privacy regulations. They are very open about the information being collected and how it is used. They also encourage you to contact them if you have any additional questions about privacy. Any online presence comes with some risk, but I strongly believe that the UpVoice Chrome extension doesn’t increase it. At the end of the day, it’s your decision and it does come down to trust.

Advantages of UpVoice

  • It’s the easiest money you’ll ever earn. You just have to visit sites that you probably visit every day, anyway. In fact, you just need to visit one of them.
  • Wide variety of available gift cards. While cash is the best option, at least you have an extensive and nice selection of gift cards on UpVoice.
  • Not time-consuming. You’re not required to take any actions to earn tokens. One visit a day to one of the participating sites is enough.
  • Everything is simple and clear. You know almost exactly how much you will earn. 

Disadvantages of UpVoice

  • Limited earning potential. $75 a year is not a significant amount. However, you don’t have to do almost anything. So, I guess, it’s a fair deal. Maybe some additional tasks and rewards would make it more appealing.
  • No cash. While gift cards are nice, cash is nicer. 
  • You have to use your computer. I have heard some rumors that they are working on a mobile version, but at the moment desktop/laptop is the only option.


Earning $75 a year doesn’t sound great, does it? But, on the other hand, it is practically money for nothing. At the end of the day, I would recommend joining this site. UpVoice is just too easy to let it pass. Even though the money is less than mediocre, you’ll do nothing out of the ordinary. And the company seems to be honest and reliable.

I really can’t find a reason not to recommend it. It’s not a very lucrative site, but since you don’t have to do anything, you can search for more get-paid-to or survey panels to join. You should do it anyway, because you need to join several sites to earn a decent amount of money. 

Ultimately, it is your decision. Now, you have all the facts, so you can make an educated choice and decide if you want to join UpVoice.