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If you like voicing your opinion (and who doesn’t?), trying your luck with survey sites might be a good idea. We are here to get the luck out of the equation, though. Earning some extra money on survey sites is mostly not about luck. Your demographics may play a part, but the most important thing is to choose honest and reliable sites. Simply, some sites are reliable and you can earn a couple of extra bucks there. There are also other sites that can waste your time, frustrate you, or even try to rip you off. So, it’s all about making the right choice. 

Viewpoint Forum is out there for quite some time. It’s not the most popular survey site, but it has some pretty decent user ratings. I will thoroughly examine why is it so. At the end of this article, you will know all the important facts to determine if they’re worthy of your time. I will show you their good sides and their bad sides.

Earning money on survey sites is easy. It’s difficult to earn a lot. The best you can hope for is to supplement your regular income. Since it’s such an easy activity, it’s a good idea to join several sites to accrue money that you can really use. So, you can check out our Top Survey Sites list to look for more survey opportunities to join.

Company Overview – Is Viewpoint Forum Legit?

Viewpoint Forum is a subsidiary company of MarketVision Research. MarketVision Research is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a reputable market research company and one of the founders of the Insights Association, another well-known name in the industry. Both Viewpoint Forum and MarketVision Research have an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings, while MarketVision Research is also accredited with BBB. So, it is pretty obvious that Viewpoint Forum is a legit company. 

However, BBB issued an alert that the MarketVision Research name was spoofed in order to commit fraud. While it doesn’t include Viewpoint Forum, and MarketVision Research has nothing to do with it, you should be cautious. Anyway, the scam was or is about mystery shopping, so stay away or double-check these offers.

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How Viewpoint Forum Works

Viewpoint Forum is an exclusive survey site. It means that they have a restrictive signing-up policy, so it might be difficult to get in. According to them, “You must be referred by an existing member or receive a special invitation from Viewpoint Forum or one of our affiliates.” However, member referrals are suspended for the moment on Viewpoint Forum, so the only way to sign up is through special invitations or affiliate companies. The exclusivity and narrow entering window won’t attract people, but it has the bright side as well. If you manage to get in the Viewpoint Forum panel, the pay is well above the average and you’ll qualify for surveys most of the time.

If you’re lucky to receive an invitation, things get easy and simple. The registration process is a regular one. You need to fill in a profile survey. You don’t have to answer all of the questions. However, providing honest, specific and detailed answers will help your chances to get more surveys. And more surveys means more money. After that, you can just sit and wait for survey invitations. Usually, you will receive 2 invitations a month, via email. Surveys take between 10 and 15 minutes most of the time.

Occasionally, you will receive an invitation for longer and more complex surveys or to test some products. Both assignments pay better than regular surveys. But, how much regular surveys pay?

How Much You Can Earn on Viewpoint Forum?

With about 2 surveys per month, you won’t earn too much on Viewpoint Forum, obviously. But, it’s worth the effort. The rewarding system is not the simplest there is, but it pays well. For each completed survey, you will earn around 125 – 225 Forum Points. The payment threshold is 750 points, which is the equivalent of $20. So, you’ll earn around $3 to $6 per survey. It’s nice money for 10 to 15 minutes of work. And it’s an easy job. It’s just too bad there are no more available surveys.

Once you reach the threshold you can request payment. You can choose from a variety of gift cards or you can request a cash payment. It usually takes 10 to 14 working days to receive a reward from Viewpoint Forum.

Advantages of Viewpoint Forum

  • Generous hourly pay rate. Actually, Viewpoint Forum is one of the best sites out there, when it comes to paying per survey. If only there were more of them. Anyway, $3 to $6 per survey is great.
  • Very rare disqualifications. They are doing a great job matching you with surveys that you would qualify for. Rarely, when you get disqualified you will receive a small number of points for your inconvenience. 
  • Excellent user ratings. I could barely find any negative reviews, which is quite rare in the industry. So, it really seems that once you get into the system, it works well.

Disadvantages of This Panel

  • It’s very difficult to join. Exclusivity allows for some perks such as paying well, but it means nothing if you can’t even join the Viewpoint Forum site. These exclusive sites do open their gates occasionally, but if you miss the window, you can only wait for an indefinite amount of time or look somewhere else.
  • Not enough surveys. While great pay is pretty alluring, you won’t really make a lot of money here. $3 to $6 is cool, but you’ll only get around 2 surveys a month. Do the math, and it’s not so attractive anymore.


There is no perfect survey site. Each and every one of them has some shortcomings. And different people have different preferences and ambitions. Viewpoint Forum can’t make the top of my list of best survey sites, but overall, my opinion is pretty positive. It is an honest and reliable site. And they pay great.

As for shortcomings, everything is pretty clear as well. It’s hard to get in and you won’t get too many surveys. If you can live with that, you may try to join this site. Members of the panel rate it very well. Even though you can’t make a decent amount of money, you won’t waste your time. You will be paid generously for each effort.

However, if you want to earn a satisfactory amount of money, you need to look for some more lucrative opportunities. Combining several sites is necessary to achieve this.